Posted by: beckery | February 10, 2010

Junho vs Eunhyuk dance battle on Strong Heart

BoyssBeforeeFlowerss @ youtube

I love Strong heart, I love dance battles and I absolutely love Junho and Eunhyuk so this just had to be posted haha.

I love Junho so much and I wish he’d get more exposure!!! (Yay for him being a permanent Dream team member though: Minho, Junho AND Eunhyuk omfg *___*).  The boy has some really~ good moves up his sleeve! Jay would be proud of the bboying going on. And all that thrusting. I don’t even know but he was some pawnage right there!! OH AND I SEE YOU RED BOXERS PEEKING THERE HAHAHAHA.

OMG I HATE EUNHYUK, I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO RIP HIS SHIRT oFF FOR REAL DDDDDDDDDDDD: I think he was going for the comedic factor more cuz he sorta half assed that loooool. We know he could do better than that :) His shirt apparently says “applaud”, “go crazy”, “thank you” or something like that. Oh Ilusm ♥ Btw, I really want to know what Eunhyuk is hiding under all these hats/beanies he’s wearing lately.


  1. You can see his new hair here:

    If you are able to take your eyes off Donghae, that is.

    • I was too busy being surprised over the fact that Kyuhyun was there dancing (LIKE A SEXY BEAST) to even notice Eunhyuk, oh my god. Kyuhyun never appears on dance performances, omgwtf this is such an awesome surprise <3

      • LOL I CAN NEVER NOT NOTICE EUNHYUK. Well first time, I stared at Donghae. Second time, I tried to look for Eunhyuk and third time, I was looking at Kyu. So everyone was stared at evenly XD

  2. I have an impression that lately Kyuhyun worked hard to improve his dancing skills. It’s especially noticeable when you watch fancams from their concerts. Well, the result is not that awesome but it’s very entertaining XDDD

    • Thanks for the link. I….sorta don’t really like the hair, its so short wtf. But maybe it’ll look better styled up? Lol I’m surprised Kyu is participating in the dance battle. To be honest, I wanted to see Sungmin and is it too much thoughtful wishes to hope Hankyung too? :( But Kyu is a surprise, lol, I see them training him hard XD

      • They say “hair is not like teeth, it grows” here where I live =)
        I actually like very short hair, it looks stylish and nice for a change. The thing is, they usually have their hair so well-styled, that even most horrendous haircuts look somewhat decent.
        I saw fancams of Sungmin in Japan (with “Akilla” promotions) approximately at the same time as photos from this dance battle, so I guess Ming just could not participate because of timing. I agree, it’s a pity.

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