Posted by: lovediaries | February 11, 2010

F.T Island – Good Morning Bob

{credit: FTilove @ youtube}

Part 2

WHY IS SEUNGHYUN LIKE THIS!?!? T___________________T.

The first video goes out of sync about halfway through but it’s still worth watching for Seunghyun’s engrish. AND YOU GET A GOOD SURPRISE, OKAY! I liked it not cause I’m a perv but cause Seunghyun is such a dork, promise (:o

The second video is really short and idk what Seunghyun said at the end but I really want to play with him lmao, he’s so much fun ;_;.

::EDIT:: Part 3 – I am shaking and crying from laughing omg. THIS ONE’S MY FAVOURITE. It’s like Part 2 but extended and he’s lipsyncing to “I’m Yours”. He cuts his chest and makes a love heart, omg I love this boy so much ;_;.


  1. wow…a nice suite they go there !!! hahaha

    • I know right!! ;~;

  2. Um…they must have been soo bored. XD It looks like the hyungs ditched them or something. Three minutes of Seunghyun speaking English(with a French accent? lol) can make anybody’s day.^^

    • I wonder where their hyungs went lmao XD. But how nice was their hotel room!? It was just like an apartment *O*.

  3. Such charming Engrish, ahahah! ;//n//;
    Seunghyun knows a lot of English words, I was pleasantly surprised. I cracked a smile when he was like, “Engrish name I don’t know.” AWWWW <3
    He must've gotten hyper over that can of pop or something LOL.

    • I was surprised too! He pretty much only spoke in English throughout the first video :DD.

  4. so cracktastic! but my first impression was, this kid definitely paid a little bit more attention in English class compared to others :) and at least he bothered to say “refridgerator”. i would totally have gone.. erm, “fridge”.

    i agree, that is quite a huge apartment to be staying alone. they really shouldn’t live these boys to an apartment all by themselves. look at what kind of vandalism he’s capable of towards the toaster XD

    • Agree! We need to see Engrish-speaking!Seunghyun more often!

      And yeah, the hotel/apartment they stayed at looks really lovely :o. But omg I was so scared he’d break that toaster XDD.

      • and i think i spelt “refrigerator” wrong. blergh so much for getting all excited at *other people’s* English.

        was i wrong? or am i wrong again? thihi idk anymore.

        • lol aw, its a common mistake, i guess, since fridge has a d in it :).

  5. OMG i love thisssssss
    ive watched 4 eps of it
    n i was wondering if there is more
    and by the way …. if they were filming it
    themselves .. does that mean they uploaded it
    themselves too or where did you get this ?
    annd i just wanted to know .. why did
    they call it ‘Good Morning Bob’ ???
    i just love this boy <333

    • I’m not too sure how fans got these videos but I got it from FTilove @ youtube. And I think Good Morning Bob is just Seunghyun being random. I’m not sure if there’s an inside joke or not XD.

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