Posted by: beckery | February 13, 2010

2PM – Open Happiness Coca Cola MV

Credit: kiewmialan @ youtube

I feel like 2PM are everywhere these days haha. They release stuff like very day or so and are constantly on the news. Must be their year :D

Cute CF/making of/MV. I don’t even know what this is but Junho is positively adorable here. I like Wooyoung’s hair out of his face, makes him look brighter and cheerier :D A big plus is that everyone has the same amount of camera time here, instead of Junho getting like 2 seconds T_T haha.

Are all “Open Happiness” songs like this one? Cuz it sounds exactly like a remixed version of Leehom’s “Open Happiness” which he wrote himself for his Coca Cola CF :/ Weird.


  1. how small is nich’s face ~_~ i love woo’s hair like that too… n junho has the prettiest fingers :D

    • Yea Wooyoung’s hair is really nice here, he looks HAPPIER with his hair spiked up hahaha ;D

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG okay this is completely unrelated, BUT BECKERY. OMG. LOOK @ HYUK GET.TIN. IT. =O

    idk whether i’m like super proud or just surprised XDD

    • I KNOW. I SAW IT AND CRIED AND RANTED. Lol I’m usually not a jealous fangirl ok but like OMG HE WAS SO HAPPY ;__________;

  3. Yeah, they all incorporate some version of the same melody into the songs. It’s coca cola’s theme.




    • Ooooooooooo so is that how it works. haha Thanks for explaining and linking me :D

  4. I’m not used to 2PM being so cutesy in an MV. It was nice.^_^ They all look so good in non-zombie hair.
    Chansung sounds different here, or do I just not know his voice well?

    • Yea they do. :DD Happier and very very hot. Lol….I’m not too sure about the Chansung thing XD But like the voices didnt really match the face most of the time? They were like lipsynching all over the place I think haha

  5. :D 2PM with human hair. I like! That said, I’m loving JunHo’s new hair! My bias <3

  6. Hong Kong:

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