Posted by: lovediaries | February 15, 2010

100214 MBC Star Dance Battle

Ah, it’s that time of the year again~ This post will take me ages to write LOL I’ll just edit throughout the day, if that’s okay :). Thanks to unknowncarrot for uploading!


Round 1: MBLAQ vs. Rainbow & Jung Juri – Okay, I really liked MBLAQ’s!! Thunder looks so damn fierce here, I love it! They also get these glow in the dark ropes and start whipping them about *_*. A girl comes out (sorry, I don’t recognise her?) and Donghae’s expression was the cutest, omg :3. They then dance to Mister and mmm, G.O sure was working it~ Rainbow dances to Single Ladies. I’m still not familiar with them, so I’m sorry to say, but um, JURI WAS THE BEST PART OF THIS PERFORMANCE!!! Lol omg I love that woman, she has really flexible hips, too!

Round 2: T-Ara vs. Beast ; results – I love the T-Ara girls but performing simply a song isn’t really enough for dance battles, imo (I know SHINee always do it lol, I guess they got points last year for changing the lyrics xD). They were clever to have Eunjung be TOP though. I WAS FOOLED FOR A SECOND! And the audience seemed to love her keke~ Beast were really good and probably should have won! Juri reached out for Kikwang during the performance, it was so funny omg xDD. And I may or may not be developing a bias for Hyunseung…

Round 4: After School vs. SNSD ; results After School had a really entertaining performance (they were also the only group to perform with all their members, so aren’t they special lol). It was fierce and full of girl power and the ending was cute, too! I really like Jungah with this hair, it suits her and she looks really pretty ;D. The audience (i.e Donghae and Teuk) loved Gahee’s little table jump keke. Despite this, I’m a bit D: over them beating SNSD by so much though because adsljfkdsjf maybe it’s me being biased but I liked SNSD’s performance more. I thought with less dancers and no props, they were still able to give off the same effect that AS did. And come on, Hyoyeon was amazing alskdflkdjsf. Seohyun did less than I expected her to lol. And I wonder why Sunny & Jessica were there if they weren’t in the dance battle!? :o.

Round 6: 2PM vs. Super Junior ; results – OH MY GOD THE 2PM PERFORMANCE. LOL I was all :| and then DDDD:. Some of those moves are like 19+ !!! Juri looked so happy though. I liked the second part of the dance more cause it seemed less fanservice-oriented. I liked the part where they flipped Wooyoung over :D. At least, I’m pretty sure it’s Wooyoung, what, being only able to see half his face XD. I was SO happy when I first heard about Kyu taking a part in this. It just, aldsjldsf lol omg the boy is starting to dance a lot, isn’t he? :DD <333. I’m sad that Sungmin is missing though, he’s usually always in these, but also happy that Donghae also participated this year :DD. But laksjfklds squee, I’m so happy I left the best til last. SJ performances are always my favourite. I never understand how to make them funny but, they always manage. I loved this, srsly. Eunhyuk’s face when Shindong “pulled” him back, and then when Shindong got his hair pulled out, and they all started giggling XDD. Oh these boys ♥♥. SO YOU KNOW, I’M SO GLAD THEY WON. They definitely deserved to, keke.

Team Game: 1 & 2

Winning MVP & Ending

Free Style Dance


  1. omg Suju, or what was remained of suju, totally rocked the show. It had comedy, choreo, and in yo face attitude. After School was amazing! MBLAQ was hilarious. I didn’t see 2pm’s, maybe months from now I’ll watch theirs

    • Agree! They always have such entertaining performances :D. I was really happy with MBLAQ’s too.

      Yeah, idk, I feel like a prude :/-facing over their performance.

  2. Aw, they didn’t give the results for round 1 ):

    Actually, Beast’s performance was the greatest for me, but maybe it was because I watched it all backwards ;_____;

    I like how they zoomed into Hae like multiple times and every time, his reaction was perfect :)

    • Yeah I’m not sure why, I thought maybe I just couldn’t find the video…? But know that the results were 3:3.

      I KNOW RIGHT! I loved how they kept showing him in the audience, keke.

  3. I agree with what you said about 2PM! I love the boys but somehow I feel like they’ve become oversexed these days – does that make sense? I hope it stops soon T.T

    After School! Gahee is fierce as always~ but I was disappointed that YuRi didn’t show up XD

    • Yep, it makes perfect sense and I agree completely :/. Please boys, that’s not all you have…

      • Lol tell that to their choreographer. Though Taec seems to be enjoying the shirt-ripping a little too much nowadays. Watch the SSJG show! It’s really cute :3

        • Yeah I read he ripped it without it being in the choreo!?



  5. happy chinese new year!!!!

    AS rocked it! gahee is just sooo hot! suju was entertaining.. i dint see 2pm’s thou. but beast… how could they have lost? hyunseung n junhyung were so sick!

    • Thank you so much! Gahee is so pretty but at the same time she doesn’t look soft or anything! Ugh, sometimes I don’t understand how they judge the winner ^^;;.

  6. i *am* BEAST-biased but no one dare deny how awesome their performances were! i know the one when they went against T-Ara is a recycled version of the dance they performed during their debut showcase but i think they changed it up and added stuff here and there. IT WAS DOPE.

    and them dancing to “Change” with Shin Bong Seon was entertaining at every level! loved that they had that ‘chilled out’ expression on the whole time, making it seem effortless.

    2PM. sigh. my love for WooYoung will stay the same but wish they actually showed that they *are* better dancers than that.

    • I’m not Beast biased and I can admit they were better than T-Ara here. And I’m T-Ara biased!

  7. Does anyone know the second song suju danced to? It was really catchy!!

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