Posted by: lovediaries | February 15, 2010

100214 SHINee in HK

I’ve cried over this for like, a week lmao, anyway here are fancams from the event. They were at a Plaza for the Countdown to Lunar New Year (though, I’m actually not sure whether this happened on the 13th or 14th D:), lucky HK fans. From what I’ve seen, SHINee performed THREE SONGS GDI (more than what they performed in Singapore lol, wtf?!?!?), played some weird games, had fan time!? and learnt Cantonese, which is of course the best clip!

Replay – LOL omg Onew forgot the moves at the start and Jonghyun too. These boys aldkjflksdjf ;~;.

Jo Jo – Ugh jealous forever, these fancams are almost as good as watching the performance on MuBank or something LOL. But damn, the reporters at the front are like less than an arms length away from SHINee ;_;.

Ring Ding Dong – I know they lipsynced but did they have to make it that obvious!? LMAO XD. Well, the music started too early, I think so Jonghyun wasn’t quick enough to put the mic to his mouth. Still, what is this!? This was practically a mini-concert ;___;.

Speaking Cantonese – Of course they’d have to say the most standardest of standard phrases, “I love you (guys)” “You (guys) are so pretty” and “There are many pretty girls in HK”. Jonghyun looked so confused, lmfao.

Onew playing game – ADSLKFJLSKJLKDJ WHY IS HE SO PERFECT!? ;_;. Okay, the game is that as a balloon is getting blown up against their chest, they have to say these CNY blessings/phrases in Cantonese with the Krn sounds written on the back for them to read. ONEW IS REALLY GOOD, OKAY!? Like his Canto isn’t perfect but I could make out everything he was saying and even the MC was like “Are you actually from HK?”. Lmao, that was a total exaggeration but still alksdfjlksdf. I feel like I could totally talk to him in Cantonese now :D.

Key playing game – Key plays a different game where he has to list names of fruits in English!? I guess that’s the only language he can speak in where majority of people would understand. Then he says Gong Hey Fat Choi!!! And Xin Nian Kuai Le!!! *___* omg speak more Chinese~~ But the balloon popped anyway.


  1. *sob* those PEOPLE where so close (oh look at me, I can’t even type right now) Minho looked so excited when he heard “gong hay fat choy”, his face was like “OH I KNOW THIS ONE :D” the games looked painful though, Onew kept on going “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH” after every word and freaking out XD crying so hard though, I wish I could’ve gone D:

    • LOL I KNOW RIGHT, I totally saw his face lighting up!! Gosh, Onew’s XD was SO CUTE T_____T. But it was so dodgy, the balloons wouldn’t stop blowing up, poor things XD.

  2. what does Gong Hey Fat Choi and Xin Nian Kuai Le mean?

    • Oh, so sorry ^^;;. Gong Hey Fat Choi is sort of like wishing you good fortunes/riches for the year and Xin Nian Kuai Le is happy new year in mandarin ! :)

  3. OMG, I SO SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN HK FOR LUNAR YEAR *DIES*. I was just this many days away from seeing them LIVE. And it was in Tuen Mun! Like, right next to Tsuen Wan fml.

    Why do these sort of things always happen to me? T_________________T

    But yeah, Onew’s Chinese is pretty good <3. The boys all looked pretty tired though :(. They really need some rest asap.

    • Lol girl, I WAS IN AUSTRALIA WHEN DBSK WERE. And look how far I got :(

      So you know, these things happen to me too ;_;. I hope you still had fun in HK though!

  4. OMFG Australia *Sydney* needs more love. And SHINee’s going to S’pore again for some concert, SJ is in KL an then SHINee’s in Japan. Come to Sydney!! ;0;

    • I know!! Omg can’t believe they’re going back to SG after only a month. Australia is part of Asia too, okay! We get all the HK singers XD.

      • LOL I don’t want any Heavenly Kings, I want sparkles and awkwardness XD But Jaejoong can be my heavenly king anytime hahaha…*sniff* Australia is pretty neglected by Jpn/Kr though. Damn uni, I wanted to see SJ in KL and SHINee in S’pore. :(

        • I bet you if anyone were to eventually come here (for an event) I’d be having some major exam or something. That’s just how lucky I am T_T.



  6. jonghyun looked so awarkard and kind of embarrassed when the MC kept asking them to say those words in cantonese ….lol…its like a normal routine to say those stuffs in that country’s language depending on which country they are at …

    • Lol I thought he had a pretty “what, i don’t know, don’t make me do this” type face XD.

  7. OMG….. I was at my house listening 2 their songs while they were in hk and I didnt ever REALIZE THAT!! TT _ TT when did they go from HK???? email me at PLZ!!!!

    • OMG NOOO!!! I feel so sorry for you ;_;

  8. I kept watching the fancam of Onew playing the game, trying to make out what he was saying – there are two I can’t make out! What’s after 身體健康? And the last one before the balloon popped?

    LOL I don’t speak much Canto, I mainly listen to my dad and grandma speaking it ><
    I was surprised at how good he was! <3

    (Did he tell the MC to flip faster at one point in Mandarin? So cute xP)

    • LOL I don’t think I actually know the phrase he was saying so I couldn’t really make it out but it must’ve been accurate since the MC praised him right after :/.

      YES! I heard that omg alksdf.

  9. I dont think Onew forgot the steps to Replay. He just walked late to get to position then he saw Jjong bumped into Taemin and laughed at them first before dancing.

    IMO the boys were quite relaxed even during the performance so there were lapses here and there during the dance. It’s good to see they enjoyed HK since they had to celebrate new year without their family.

    I think SM Ent is planning something big in the next album – all the Asia travel, that man-band vs boy-band reference in SG, plus Onew’s Japanese & English both improved so much the past year. I wonder if his Cantonese is indeed stronger than his Mandarin. LOL strange

    • Oh really? Maybe ^^.

      I thought they seemed to enjoy this HK trip too! And omg please let them be planning something big *_*. But at the same time…I kinda want them to stay in Korea, idk. DBSK moved to Japan, practically, and a lot of the time, I really wish for them to be permanent in Korea instead of the other way around, which is what it seems like.

      I actually think his Canto is more spot on than Mando which is really crazy cause Canto is so much harder to speak!

  10. guess what candychu we went!!!!! and it was sooooo awesome (:

    • DAMN YOU GUYS!!! And you commented like three times LOL. RUB IT IN SOME MORE WHY DON’T YOU!? >:|

  11. hey we were there AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!


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