Posted by: lovediaries | February 15, 2010

OB GYN Doctors Ep 3 Subbed

Good news, guys! seattlelove has found the drama subbed in English!

Watch in Eng Subs

Watch in Chi Subs

Episode 2 was really something, huh? I think only three/four of us here on this site are actually watching it, keke ^^;; but for those who have been interested and just haven’t had the chance because you can’t read Chinese, here is your chance now! The plot of this drama isn’t anything mind-blowing but it’s the things they show, what they’re trying to teach, and the lessons you can learn that makes this drama worth watching, in my opinion.

In this episode, we’re going to find out more about (Kyungwoo) Joongki and (Youngmi) Young Eun’s lil love story. Their secret meeting on the back stairs totally killed me T_T.


  1. oh yeah~  oh yeah~ oh yeah yeah yeah :3
    definitely going to watch it before i go to sleep ^^
    i’m curious about the relationship of these two <3

    • Lol omg I replied this comment in the other post alkdjfsd /brain dead.

      I’m glad you started watching this drama too! I was afraid I’d be alone in watching this, keke :3.

      • I guess there’s really this few of us watching lol.
        But its okay, we can spazz together <3
        haha. Joongki's cuteness is killing meeee

        • Yep we can spazz together <3. Sorry if I'm slow in posting the new eps though, I hope you guys are still able to watch!

  2. *o* watched it <3 and I just can't stop saying how GREAT the actors are!! really really superb acting :3

    ep4 is out already *o*
    heartbreaking scenes are heartbraking ;o; though the baby dolls kinda irritate me even if they cant do anything bout it XD they should just DONT show the baby at all ^^''

    • They all make for really good doctors! Ugh I’ve been really busy these days, uni starts next week so idk when I’ll have time to watch again ;___;.

      • vikii is being too fast for me as well X’DDDD ep6 has been subbed already OoO
        But im gonna be busy for the least 2 or 3 weeks ;o; i guess i have to sacrifice 1 hour of sleep XD

        • I JUST finished Episode 3 and the drama is getting REALLY good! The ratings are going up as well, so I’m happy :). And you’re right, the chinese subber has also gotten it done up to Ep6 omg. I’m gonna fall so behind on this drama. Is there even a point in me still posting for every episode? Because I’m three eps behind already ;_;.

  3. YES it really IS getting better and better <3<3
    awwww~ i don't think you should stop just because the subbers are fast XD but of course you shouldnt be obliged to do it +lol+ itd be cool to have something to flail though XDD

    • Aww bb, you are too sweet. And you’re right, I’ll just post at my own pace since you guys aren’t even rushing me to watch faster or anything. Thank you, I love flailing with you guys, even if it’s just the two of you watching this drama with me <33.

  4. hii! i’m starting to watch this drama right now! i’m on the first ep. though! x]

    • Omg I’m so glad :D. It’s okay, take your time, come back and spazz with us!!

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