Posted by: beckery | February 20, 2010

Special stages on Mnet M!Countdown 100218 & Music Bank 100219

2AM – Special Stage (For Mnet). This was simply amazing. Jo Kwon performed 2PM’S “10 out of 10”, Jinwoon did 2NE1’s “Fire”, Changmin did Big Bang’s “Lies”, Seulong did BEG’s “Abracadabra” and they all did Wonder Girl’s “Tell Me” together. Only short snippets but they made it into ballad versions and omfg it was SO GOOD. I especially loved Changmin’s “Lies”. Their voices are beyond amazing ok. ♥ Needs longer versions now.

Various Artists – You Raise Me Up (For Mubank). This was a special stage for Haiti (which I found really sweet of them). Candychu and I have both donated to the cause after we knew about it. Seeing pictures and reading articles makes my heart ache for the families and children there, so if you guys can, please do donate :)

The performance gave me goosebumps throughout. This is definitely a must watch. Everyone was amazing/perfect/great. I love Taeyeon’s voice so much, she needs to release more ballads already *_* Jang Hee-Young was really, really impressive too. The whole atmosphere and stage was just very well done.


  1. Waah, oh my goodness, You Raise Me Up gave me chills! ;___; That was beautiful! I didn’t really like Jessica’s ending, though, it was a little too dramatic for the atmosphere ): But, omg, Yonghwa singing in English <3 wonderful.

    • Lol I didnt really like Jessica’s ending either. Everyone’s voice was just so emotional and soothing and Jessica came in with her high voice and…it sorta killed the atmosphere hahahaha. But still a wonderful performance <3

  2. LOVED the “You raise me up” stage.
    SM needs to accept those dang OSTs that are offered to Taeyeon >.<

    • Agreed. I love “If” so much and even though its not officially a SNSD song, its still my favourite SNSD song. Does that even make sense? LOL

  3. bec did something happen in this post? it’s not like you to only put up two performances and still use a cut …

    • ….no? There was no cut? Well I didnt put one in?

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