Posted by: lovediaries | February 22, 2010

100217 SHINee @ Hello Baby Ep5

{credit: sfineee @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

I was hoping every episode would be better than the last, but I don’t think I enjoyed this one quite as much as the other eps. Only because there wasn’t enough of everyone! And it was mainly Minho and Yoogeun around the broadcasting station which wasn’t really too exciting. I saw more of SNSD than the other four SHINee members! We also saw more of Minho’s baby hogging lmao. What he was doing to Hyuk is like what my older sister does to me with my little sister =___=.

Their play for Yoogeun was pretty funny though. BUT HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE!!! Now I’m interested as to how the original story went. Onew was great as a director and as a ‘bad guy’. His rap, omg ♥♥. What a dork. And Jonghyun was so cute, making all those dumb faces, laughing at the other three. Taemin sure got into his role as an exhibitionist LMAO.

The reunion between Key and Yoogeun was SO CUTE alksdjfkljdsf. Definitely my favourite part in the ep, and when Key was waking Onew up alsdkf. I bet he does it every morning keke.


  1. Yeah…it wasn’t really an exciting ep, but I thought it was cute. The ‘Pig Ajusshi’ comment had me laughing really hard.

    I love adlibbed plays, they’re so hilarious. And ROFL Jonghyun just sitting an watching with this big goofy smile on his face XD

    I had a warm, fuzzy feeling when Key and Yoogeun were reunited, it was so cute. I love them waking up everybody, and Yoogeun ‘hitting’ Onew was ADORABLE <3

    • LOL THAT WAS SO CUTE! Yoogeun is quiet most of the time, but when he does talk, it’s always something really funny XD.

      Jonghyun’s goofy grin is so cute <33 I wonder if he's aware he looks like that half the time haha.

  2. While less exciting then previous one I thought this ep was pretty heartwarming. I actually found the time Minho spent w/ baby endearing this time around and Yoogeun’s reunion w/ Key…adorable! I don’t often consider Key cute but when he kissed bb on the cheek…. X3

    I have nothing to say about the play except that strong, surgery cool-aid was involved somehow & Ontae drank the most of it XD

    • Uggh, the reunion omg. I thought Key kissing Yoogeun was really adorable too. I love that he shows affection without doing it 24/7. It’s really cute :3.

  3. I lost my wits when Onew said that Taemin was going to be an exhibitionist,
    but I lost the entire freakin’ game when Taemin actually acted like one and began taking his clothes off roflomglkjd;ldafjs <3<3<3<333

    I sense some jealousy from Minho? Hahah, he certainly didn't look pleased when Yoogeun was handing out kisses like cookies at a Girl Scout convention. He seemed to handle Yoogeun's crying well, though, and omglskd how cute is it that he actually cried because he didn't want to part with his appa ;v; awwww

    I hope there's more of the other members in the next episodes! As nice as Minho is to look at, I'd certainly love to see more On/Yoogeun interaction. <3

    • LOL YES I DID NOT EXPECT TAEMIN TO GET SO INTO CHARACTER XD. Omg, that boy is so amusing, you never know what to expect.

      Minho gets jealous of everyone Yoogeun is on good terms with, srsly. But I did think that part where Yoogeun didn’t want to get go was so cute :(.


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