Posted by: lovediaries | February 22, 2010

KARA – Lupin MV

{credit: UrAsianSourceTV @ youtube}


We didn’t post up the teaser because…well, I was lazy LOL. I had a listen to their mini-album and I probably need to listen again cause nothing really stood out to me. I do like this song though! It’s sexy and the girls look damn fierce in this. But after watching T-Ara’s teaser, I can’t help but think something seems to be ‘lacking’? :/.

The choreography is only okay. I think I need to watch a live performance first cause for now, most of the moves that stick to be seem to have been done before. Like the hip/RDD move and then the chest thumping/Change part. I love the whispering and Hara’s little catcall at 2.55.


  1. Hm. :\ All I can say is… I see Key dancing to this.

    • okay, i didn’t really see anything special or original in that and the song isn’t catchy either unlike Wanna or Mister that got stuck in my head after first listen. :\ the RDD-like move bothers me for some reason.

      maybe for me they just can’t pull off that “sexy” concept? or the Morning Musume feel just stuck to them? the whole mv felt like a mashup of all the other girl group MVs (that moon part thing strongly reminded me of Lachata) and although they’re all pretty good dancers, there are parts of the choreography that made me go “…….?” It felt like they were trying a bit too hard to be “sexy”.

      you know, i probably should refrain from commenting on your girl group posts unless it’s about one that i actually like since I say the same things over and over again anyway. XD

      • No, no, don’t worry, I agreed with everything you mentioned. And even if you don’t like something, you can still comment. I’m always interested in your opinion :3.

        I like the song! I do. But I haven’t listened to it anymore since I watched the MV. The choreography also isn’t too exciting. I don’t know what the “point” is. And some parts in the MV were cheesy – especially the moon part. I thought of Lachata too!

  2. lupin??
    when i first read it, harry potter came to mind with professor lupin…lmao

    • I actually don’t know what Lupin means D:

    • I thought of Lupin III and expected the MV to be about a heist or something. XD;;

      • Is that a game… ? XD

  3. backless nicole omg *__*
    the song is catchy, aside from the thrown out english keke

    • backless nicole was definitely a highlight *O*

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