Posted by: lovediaries | February 25, 2010

OB GYN Doctors Ep 4 Subbed

If you’ve been following this drama, you’ll know it has already been subbed all the way up to Episode 6 (who knows, maybe Ep 7 is up as I write this) and I considered just letting you guys watch it on your own, but then youjuchan said that I didn’t have to rush and since I really like posting this drama (notice how I’ve been lazy with everything else in fandom!? T_T I apologise for that) and I have two readers to spazz with me, I will continue posting the episodes as I watch it.

Being completely biased free, this drama is honestly getting better and better. During the first two episodes, I definitely enjoyed it for the eyecandy and Joongki, but after Ep 3, I’ve decided this drama is definitely worth watching even without handsome actors. You can actually learn a lot, if you’re interested in this sort of thing; and it really makes you think, having a lot of life and moral issues interspersed with all the different cases.

Honestly, if I wasn’t so busy with pre-uni prep, I would be on top of this drama in a day!

Episode 4 Chinese Subbed

Episode 4 English Subbed

Enjoy! I hope I’ll get to watch this ep by tomorrow :(.


  1. ahhh I still love the drama very much now!!!
    Honestly its so good. Everyone’s character is starting to come out more.. and gosh Go Ju Won’s actions really makes one melt (:

    Yes besides the good looking casts, Im loving the drama itself too. I can really learn alot.. Im not a medical student so Im blur at many terms. But ohhh, the heartbreaking stories they show is really sad T.T

    During the first few ep, I still am very freaked out over the blood stuff but now, I no longer need to cover my eyes lol. And ep6 is really bloody omg haha.

    This drama now becomes a motivation for me (: Finish all my sch stuff and then reward myself by watching! haha. I hope you can get to catch up soon! :)

    • AND OHHH being a little biased here,
      but the gif above of JOONGKI is tooo adorable! ^^

      • Keke isn’t he always adorable? :3

    • Go Ju Won’s character is the sweetest, most sensitive doctor in the world ;~~;.

      They had less blood in Ep4 and 5 (which I just watched) but yeah I saw the preview for Ep6 and omg so much blood. I think I’m going to cry lots in that episode though, they were trying to hold a baby down? Omg :(.

      LOOL I’m more like “Okay finish one episode then do some studying” XD.

  2. yaaayyy :3 really~ I’ve been watching God of Study , Pasta and this drama currently and I have to say that this ones my favorite out of these 3 so far <3 i know why decided to NOT be a nurse or doctor OoO cause i just wouldnt be able to handle such a responsibility @.@ and the actors really make me feel for them <3

    the policeman was so kind ;o; i'm just glad that they were able to at least save the baby :3
    ooooohhh~ joonki is truely adorable *o* (but i'm currently a Sangshink shipper hahah XD ) but when i watched this epi i was like 'argghhhh such an asshole' XD and is it just me or does youngmi resembles hyo joo at some angles? @.@

    • The actors really have a feel of what they’re doing too. A lot of it, you can see is real emotion which is what makes some of these scenes truly touching. Honestly the best medical drama I’ve ever seen and I watched all the seasons of Healing Hands (TVB Drama).

      I didn’t realise the policeman was the patient’s husband until almost near the end of the episode. It just didn’t click why him and Hyeyoung seemed to know each other O_O.

      As in Han Hyo Joo? Really? :o.

      • sooo truuueeee <3
        healing hands? good title for a medical drama :3

        i didnt realise it at first either XDD though i was like 'he looks familiar?' ^^;

        yeess jinjjaaahhh XD i guess its just me though *lol* she really resembles hyo joo at some angles especially when she doesnt have her heavy makeup @.@

        • Yeah sometimes, Youngmi’s make up makes her look less pretty :/. But then sometimes she looks gorgeous :3

  3. o.m.g.
    thank you so much for discovering this drama for me!!!!
    not only do i now have a new obsession to fill my nights with instead of sleep (-_-)
    but i’ve been searching for a good kdrama for like ever

    • I’m so glad another reader is into this drama :DD! It’s definitely worth sacrificing sleep over. I hope you continue to spazz with us keke.

      Thank you :D ILU2 FOR WATCHING!!

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