Posted by: lovediaries | February 27, 2010

OB GYN Doctors Ep 5&6 Subbed

The drama has now been subbed up to Episode 8 in Chinese *_*. Caught up on two episodes last night/this morning.

Ep 5 Chinese Subbed
Ep 5 English Subbed

Episode 5 made me cry so much :(. The Harlequin Baby makes another appearance. The scene of his birthday party was so sad ;_; (stupid Joongki for jinxing it !!!). You can really feel all the actors’ emotions coming through. And the case about the 18yo who’s been raped twice just had me O_Oing. Her mother (parents, really) are just so ridiculous, I wanted to punch the screen, ugggh.

Ep 6 Chinese Subbed
Ep 6 English Subbed

Episode 6 was really intense. And extremely bloody. And so emotional ;_;. That little girl actress was really convincing, I loved every scene she was in. Not only was she adorable but she’s really natural as well. I’m really curious as to what happened to the woman’s child – as in, the one she was giving birth to when the accident occurred O_O. No one even mentioned it!!


  1. ep5 made me cry again also! hai the way youngmi sang the happy birthday song… and yes, that stupid joongki lol. but he’s so adorable inside the room again, with his hyper actions lol.

    I was really shocked at the 18yr old case. Why the hell would their parents do that? Its so ridiculous! greedy parents. And anyway, do you feel that that 18yr old looked like yoona in a certain angle lol. just a bit.

    And ep6 the bloody ep omg. The mother was dripping blood everywhere, its so scary o.O And oh you know, the young girl soobin, she acted as yunho’s dongsaeng in Heading to the ground! Haha I know she’s good inside, but in OBGYN, she’s even better! krrrrr. This show has really the good actors, even the kids are good.

    Chinese subbers are really fast omo.. But I prefer to watch in eng lol.

    • AND ep7 eng subbed has been released!
      I just watched it.
      So heartbreaking again :( and cried yet again.
      Go Ju Won’s so niceeeeeeee

      • Just finished ep 8. Pretty sure everyone who is watching is head over heals for Go Ju Won and/or Sangshik *O*.

  2. I really need subs for Ep7 like now. RIGHT NOW. ;____; How good was the little girl? I WAS BAWLING when she started screaming at her dad. I was like yea thats right asshole, dont blame the nice doctor when YOU WERENT THERE FOR THEM DDD:

    • I love when little kids can act T____T

  3. OMG ;o; the 5th episode was really really sad ToT
    and I was glad the preview kinda spoiled that scene cause I wouldnt have been able to stop crying i guess T____T it was so heartbreaking ____<

    and I soooo wanted to hit those parents!!! at first i thought they intentionally hired this man to rape her so they can get money ò.ó but the other reason wasnt better anyway -.-''

    YES for the 6th episode *o* i loved every single scene where songshik was present XDDD <3
    and the little girl is awesome! i already loved her in heading to the ground <3 such an intelligent little girl :3
    and right??!! oO'' i totally forgot about the baby @.@

    they pds are really trying hard to let the viewers cry in every episode arent they? kekeke~ if you ask me..they totally succeeded ^^;; <3

    • Yeah, I’m glad the preview sometimes warns us of the upcoming heartbreak ;~~~;.

      They are very good at making us cry, omg T_T.

  4. heyy there! <3 just started watching OBGYN after reading your wp.

    have been stalking it for a long time and was looking for a drama to watch and decided on OBGYN since you talked abt it so much..

    i just watched 5 eps straight and ep 5 is so touching. ahh! cant wait to watch more eps! :D

    • That makes me so happy :DDD.

      But I think it’s pretty obvious how in love with this drama I am if I haven’t been following fandom, yet I’m still posting this every two weeks and making room for it in my busy schedule xD. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it though. 5 eps in a row is pretty impressive keke, keep watching :D!!

  5. haha yeah! i cant wait to continue marathon-ing the show.. prob will spam myself this weekend again. haha..

    and btw u have a great spazzing site! love reading it..

    oh and there’s OH MY LADY now for us to spazz over! :D

    • Thank you so much! We’ve all been so busy lately that the updates have been coming so slowly :(. It makes me sad, I used to post like at least twice a day! Ah well :(.

      I’m not sure if I’ll have time to watch Oh My Lady ;~~;. I think I might see what other people think about it first keke.

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