Posted by: lovediaries | February 28, 2010

121209 SS501 Persona Concert in HK

(I know I’m really behind on posting everything but it’s been a hectic week and let’s be honest here, there’s been quite a lot of bad news in fandom too, so we apologise for the lack of updates. Things will get back to normal since we will be back to full procrastination mode once uni starts ^^;;.)


Okay so I’ve been too lazy to write up this post for the last two months, and the day I finally get up off my ass, is the day before uni starts — or the day of uni. I promise I planned to write this up earlier in the day but I had a lot of last minute stuff to do and I really need to go to bed now so I’m just going to leave the videos that I’ve had on my channel for months now and I will be back to edit this post asap and with photos!

Warning though, these fancams aren’t as good as the ones I took for SJM’s Concert (which admittedly, weren’t that great either) because 1) I was using a new camera and didn’t realise I had to first wait for the lens to focus before clicking record and 2) I was too busy screaming half the time that I held up the camera without even pressing ‘record’, ugggh T_T /big fat fail; so I’m not sure if any of you guys even want to click on these LOL. But still, I’m posting because I harassed beckery to edit/rename my file names since I’m not that big a fan of SS501 and didn’t know over half the song titles of their performances ^^;;.

Opening ; Deja Vu ; Unlock ; Talk ; Warning ; Four Chance ; A Song Calling For You ; Hyungjoon Solo Intro Video ; Kyujong Solo Wuss Up ; Never Again ; Because I’m Stupid ; Jungmin Solo – 追 (Chase) ; UR Man ; Fighter ; Find ; Hyunjoong Solo Intro Video ; Hyunjoong Solo Please Be Nice To Me {1, 2, 3} ; Crazy For You ; Haruman ; Love Like This ; Coward ; Encore

And I’m throwing this out here too. If any of you read my blog, I promise I will update tomorrow. Like I said, it’s been a hectic week but I’m still ashamed to have killed that place :( lmao.

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