Posted by: beckery | March 1, 2010

Beast – Shock MV

Credit: B2STalert02 @ youtube

With uni starting again, me doing hospital placements, Kpop exploding and every other thing going on (;____;), I haven’t had a chance to listen to their new mini album. BUT THE REVIEWS ARE LOOKING GREAT!! So when everything is in motion again, I’ll definitely have a listen XDD

DNW Junhyung’s hair ._. But but but everyone still looks amazing *___*. I love fierce! I see ALOT more of Dongwoon in this MV :D. Yoseob looks like he lost alot of weight, WHERE ARE YOUR BABY CHEEKS BB?!!? But the grey/blonde hair is looking good on him!

The song is pretty catchy though, and makes me really want to give their album a try!!! Choreo is only ok atm but I like that part where they do the “oh oh oh tonight” “come back back back to me” at the end :DD I can’t wait for their live performances, they always impress me so much with how good they sound <3


  1. heh! i made the right choice when i said i like beast over mblaq back when they debuted! muahahhha… beast rocks my socks n see how well they’re doing! love their new looks… black hair is fierce. yoseob <3

    ya.. maknae dongwoon has a lot more screen time n lines this time around. i like how they share the limelight :)

    junhyung is fierce no matter what hair he has! he's so talented!!

    • Lol, I gotta admit, same here. I was always a bit Beast > Mblaq bias and you can’t really blame me. I think Beast has the better vocals out of the two cuz their lives were really good for a rookie group *O* but that could be me being bias haha.

  2. The song is so CATCHY!! Can’t wait to see the full choreo of this song!

    • Have u been watching live performances? They’re pretty good, just the vocals and stamina need a bit of more practice haha but I still love them <3

  3. I think… I might actually like Beast now. O:

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