Posted by: lovediaries | March 1, 2010

OB GYN Doctors Ep 7&8 Subbed


Lmfao I’m meant to be studying but I’m watching Ep8 right now and I think this is when Joongki has a sex ed talk and puts demonstrates the right way of putting on a condom … or so I read on baidu LOL.

Ep 7 English Subbed

Ep 8 English Subbed


  1. OMG!! Have to watch that when i come back home <3

    • WATCHED IT! <3333333~ Joonki is soooo adorable *o* I think if I were him I'd totally panic like he did when the woman was about to deliver her baby XD~
      I like the progress of youngmi-kyungwoo relationship cause theyre a good pairing imo :3
      the mother is like SUPER HILARIOUS XDDD she's such a stalker *rofl* no wonder seo is afraid of her X'D (and the friendship between seo and jaesuk is PRECIOUS *o* too bad he's actually in love with her? ^^'')

      and weeeelll.. sangshik.. XD did i already mentioned that ive found a new PERFECT MAN? too bad its just a drama ;o;
      …but sometimes I do believe that he has bad luck *rofl*

      and the baby from ep6 was there too <3 SUCH AN ADORABLE BABYYYY! I wanted to pinch her cheecks <'' they should at least take those who LOOKS like babies Xx it just scares the hell out of me seeing it cause they always look like theyre dead (even when theyre not..) @.@

      and now.. off to studies again XDDDD

    • I JUST FINISHED IT TOO ALKSJDFKLDJSF. FFFFFFFFFF I loved the Youngmi x Kyungwoo scene, especially outside the hotel cafe. How Kyungwoo was sorta struggling with himself but still offered her a ride. And then omfg, the baby in the garbage bag scene, omg ;____;. That was so so sad and this sort of thing definitely happens in rl :(. I was glad they mentioned the abandon baby clinics. Isn’t that interesting? But it’s also a good idea for people who really decide to dump their babies.

      Youngmi is such a kind nurse, Kyungwoo better not let her of her again!!

      Lmfao I’ve come to call Go Ju Won ~Juwonnie Oppa~. It really pisses beckery off but omg he’s just so manly and kind and sweet and perfect and EVERYTHING A REAL MAN SHOULD BE!! I’m so in love with him :(((.

      And yeah, me too. Off to study T_T.

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