Posted by: beckery | March 1, 2010

Super Junior M Semir’s Official Site Pictures

Credits: SEMIR’s Official site; superlover♫ @

Did Semir have to make their Siwon (who even got solo shots lol), Hankyung, Henry and Donghae bias so obvious T___T It’s not like the others aren’t good looking!! This photoshoot is probably a bit old because Donghae’s hair is still long and well…….Hi Hankyung ;___; /cries forever. Anyways, how cute are Donghae’s expressions, that dumb boy, oh how I love him so hehe ♥


  1. Aww seeing them all happy makes me happy ^^

    but the Hankyung thing…. i still dont understand it!

    can someone PLZ explain to me whats going on cuz everyone’s keeping it on the dl, is he leaving SM or are they gonna work it out??

    cuz after all the 2pm drama i dont think boy bands can afford to lose members now…

    • I’m not too sure whats going with the Hankyung thing, or the DBSK thing at that. Everything’s so vague atm :(

  2. who’s that girl?

    • Hm..I’m not too sure to be honest haha. Do tell me if you find out XD

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