Posted by: beckery | March 1, 2010

T-ara – I go crazy because of you MV

Credit: kpopsubs @ youtube

HOW GOOD DO THEY LOOK?!?!! I love these girls, they fit the fierce so well!! All that booty shaking =Q__ and the RAP, omg, that was so sexy *_* Lol, ok ok, I’ll shut up about how sexy the thing is ^_^”” ………. But um how cute was Eunjung at the end?!?!!?! ♥♥♥

I’ve listened to both the songs on their repackaged and I think I like “I’m Really Hurt” a bit more because there’s less autotune going on. I think everyone agrees that “I go crazy because of you” gives off this Britney vibe, but hey, Britney churns out really catchy songs ok! And this is pretty catchy itself. Their lives could do with a bit of improvement, but with the autotune going on, I guess it is quite hard for them haha.


  1. oh you got this up LOL. can i just saw, the classroom scene at the start was quite erotic.

    • oh and wtf, they didnt show soyeon’s reaction to eunjung’s OH at the end :(

      • LOL of course you would think that T_T I was too busy staring at Eunjung’s oh haha to notice who’s reaction they showed XD

  2. The song is catchy and the video is cool.
    However, I thought the fact that every second was a different clip kinda almost gave me a siezure XD

    • lol ita!

    • Yea the MV was sorta headache/dizziness inducing lol. I tried to ignore that face though XD

  3. the classroom kinda reminds me of AS’ Ah! and I cant rly focus on their expressions and dance because of the changing scenes ^^;;

  4. Hahahaha. Cameraman needs to take it slow XD

  5. Just “gives off a britney spears vibe??? It’s a blatant rip. The beat line and hits are identical to If You Seek Amy, with some added fx.

    • It’s not that bad. The beat is quite similar, I give you that but then again honestly what is original these days?

  6. Editing is DX but the MV really did have potential. Not so sure about the song yet. Might need to listen to it more. :\ I’m kind of disappointed. ;-;

    • Aww :( I’m sure it’ll grow on you! Overall though, gotta say, T-ara’s album was one solid album. I loved it!

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