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2PM Mnet Body Photoshoot

Credit: Mnet

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I love the theme of this photoshoot (2PM does grunge like no other group, imo). Go after the cut for more WONDERFUL, LOVELY shots ~ I’ve also written my views on the Jay issue, but be warned: it’s really long (500w, lmao I wish I could write this much for uni XD).

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Some of you have been leaving us comments about the Jay fiasco so I thought that I should say something (and because I need to get this off my chest). Jay is, and remains, my favourite 2PM member (I’ve liked him ever since Hot Blood :) ) but I’ve accepted the fact that he’s left JYPE and is getting on with his life. Do I believe that the reason he can’t return is because he did something TERRIBLE AND HORRID (GASP!)? No. I don’t know him personally, but I really don’t believe that he did anything to jeopardise his place in 2PM during the AAA promotion period (and let’s face it, he didn’t have TIME to do anything bad). This is the boy who wanted to do well so that his mum can go shopping ;___; But having said that, do I think that the remaining members are a bunch of liars? No. We have to remember that it’s a business; everyone in that group worked extremely hard to get to where they are and they did what they had to/was best for themselves and their families. Put in their shoes, I probably would’ve done the same.

However, I do think that JYPE handled all this TERRIBLY. With such an incompetent PR team, I’m concerned for the future of their company. They could’ve just said “there has been a conflict of interest over the Jay’s return” or “Jay Park no longer wishes to come back to Korea” but no. Instead they had to be all “JAY DID SOMETHING TERRIBLE. BUT LOL WE’RE NEVER GONNA TELL YOU WHAT IT IS, INSTEAD WE’LL JUST LET YOU USE YOUR IMAGINATION AND THINK OF SOMETHING HORRID SO THAT HIS NAME CAN BE TARNISHED EVEN FURHER, TEEHEEHEE :DDDDDDDD OH, AND KEEP SUPPORTING 2PM, COS WE ARE ALL VICTIMS AND JAY IS THE BIG BADDIE. FEEL SORRY FOR US. “. Disgusting.

But I refuse to let JYPE and their incompetence get in the way of my support for 2PM. 2PM will always be 7 for me, but I’d still support them even if they were down to two members :) Therefore, I will not be placing any sort of flowers outside JYPE or writing anything bad on their walls (I’d probably write CALL ME 2PM if I go there one day, though :P). I wish Jay the very best in everything he does in the future, and hopefully one day when all this is forgotten, he can go back to Korea and enjoy some mangoes with his Oneday buddies ( AND GIVE ME EP.8 OF WILD BUNNY, DAMNIT)

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, LET’S BE HAPPY AGAIN :DDD



  1. well what more can i say! we have basically the same say about the issue..but i guess the way you said it was funnier than i would.. :))

    other fans are really O.O..they’re so extreme when they react! they scare me..

    anyway, Junho’s really looking good lately! :)) i like his hair now..brown..i think..haha! that’s the most generic color i can say. :))

    • Scary fans are scary D; Though I secretly think that the name they gave themselves (Coldests) is quite creative XD

      I like Junho’s hair now, too :))) I’m happy that no one has bowl cuts LOL

  2. Nothing solves a problem better than partial nudity. \;D/

    As for the controversy, while I don’t agree with all of your points I’m not going to crash your site and burn your house down…yet. XD Some fans really need to lighten up lol.
    I read those “fan accounts” on another site and they really sound like fanfics. Badly written fanfics. Insider2PM.wordpress is an entire site written just like that. Fans can be too crazy huh?

    • LOL yes, please don’t crash our site and spam us with viagra ads :P

      I should probably be clear that, while I don’t blame 2pm for going along with JYPE’s evil ways, I’m not leaping over the stars with joy over their behavior. 2pm’s always been marketed as a really strong ~brotherhood~ group (and that’s the main reason I like them) so when they first released the statement, I was all “STAAAAAAB. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO MEAN AND HORRIBLE. OMG I HATE 6PM” but then after watching some of their recent talk shows, it really struck me how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are now and how much they’ve all sacrificed (Junho’s Strong Heart story ;__;). So while I’d like all the OneDay boys to stage a full-on rebellion against JYPE in order to bring Jay back (I can just see Kwon leading that protest in a sparkly jacket, lol) I know that it’s not realistic ;_; Sigh.

      But those fan accounts, omg. I read them whenever I feel sad about Jay leaving. THEY ARE HILARIOUS, OMG. Did you read the one about Khun being abused by a drink bottle? LOLOLOL fans (or in this case, anti-fans) are so creative :3

      Insider2pm entertains me :)

  3. OMG I thought the 1st thumbnail was WooYoung cause I’m not ready to see boy going naked yet xp

    • I wasn’t ready to see Junho reveal it all either ;___;

  4. Your feelings, my feelings…the same.

    Also I have no ice cream…. but I have ice cream cake! :DD

    • LOL @ some of those fan accts!!

      Just watch if Khun ever does something to piss these pp off and see if we don’t get flood w/ scandalous articles about him…It’s tragic.


        I love how, in every account, Khun is the only one who is still ~good~ XD Everyone loves Khun, lol.

  5. One of the replies to the thread: “Lots of fanaccounts say that 6PM went to a noraebang after the conference.”

    LOL yeah I would too, after all the angst and rage in the conference thingy. Not that I was there, but the whole idea of having a fan conference and then announcing Jay’s termination 2-3 days before the conference was a horrible joke. JYPE was probably thinking, “let’s give ’em a shock before the conference, throw them completely off guard!” Master manipulators, they are.

    Btw, those things sticking out of Junsu’s left shoulder – is it just me or do they look like the devil’s horns? Lol not bashing, just an odd observation.

    • JYPE has the most incompetent PR team ever. Everyone was expecting them to announce Jay’s return during the conference, but they had to drop that bomb 2 days before the conference started T____T

      I thought that JYPE had a genius marketing team. I don’t anymore D: Think of the amount of money they could’ve earned if they’d brought Jay back *O*

      Lol this photoshoot had some weeeird props. That top that Junsu has on? The one with the buttons? I LOL’ed irl when I saw it XDDD

  6. i agree with you 100%. jay will forever be 2pm’s leadja. he wasnt my favourite but he grew on me, especially after watching all the variety shows. we would never be able to watch the last epi of wild bunny now… sighs…

    these ppl that call themselves fans… sheesh… ive no words for them. for me, ill always support 2pm as long as they come out with good music.

    p/s. i love my wooy!


      And yep, totally agree with you. As long as 2PM come out with good music (and keep being the hilarious dorks they are) I’ll support them :)

  7. omg drooling at ur pictures! and *sigh* WHAT ARE THE ENTERTAINMENT companies doing to us?!!?! *sigh* first JYP just has really bad ppl working in PR and now SM….going against MNET?…that’s like oh ok let’s just kiss my artists’s possible variety show appearances goodbye! *sigh* =(! sad……….

    • SM AND MNET’S FEUD CONFUSES ME D; You’d think that Mnet’s influence in the TV industry would make SM back down and apologize just so their artists can get more screentime :/

      I’m expecting YG to drop a bomb any day now. JYPE and SM can’t have all the fun =.=

  8. AHAHAHA LOLS foreva. I love the fan accounts, I keep hoping more will come up :D The incriminating pictures were so not incriminating, this photoshoot has got more stuff to gawk at *stares and drools*

    That said, I suppose there’s probably some truth in all of the wank flying around, but, like you, I do NOT believe that the stuff I saw on their shows was all fabricated. For one thing I don’t think they’re that good at acting and for another, there are some things you just can’t script, no matter how hard you try.

    I keep thinking JYPE has something up their sleeve. Or maybe they really do have an amazingly thick PR team.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant XD Love the pics and thx! (JUNHOJUNHOJUNHONOSHIRT!! *.*)

    • HELLO BB, HOW IS NEW ZEALAND????? ARE YOU SICK OF IT YET? LOL. I’m just going to reply to your comment on the WinWin post here because I’m lazy :P

      And yea, incriminating pictures were boring :/ I was expecting something FULL ON like..idk, a tape or something ;)

      I loved all the stuff they did on variety shows (especially Idol Army and Wild Bunny) and I think that’s one of the reasons why so many people are bummed out over this. In all their shows, they really showed a strong “brotherhood” image, and with this whole kicking jay out of the group thing, it’s kinda ruined it :/ But yea, no way were those shows scripted. No one would be amazing enough to tell Jay to hide on (under?) the ceiling in that ep. of Idol Army. The silly bb came with that all by himself 8D And in the Hot Blood ep. where they were all crying because they thought Kwon was leaving? Omg 2pm/am aren’t that good at acting XDD

      I’m still hoping that JYPE will come out and be all “PSYCH, WE DIDN’T MEAN ANY OF THAT. IN FACT, JAY’S IN THE 2PM DORM RIGHT NOW, EATING DRIED MANGOES :DDD”. Think of the money they’d make….

  9. I’m so glad I found you and read your take on 2pm and the Jay issue. I agree with you completely. Although Jay isn’t my absolute favorite member I also support him no matter what. I still wish 2pm was a 7 member group..but in no way am I a 2pm hater. And I completely agree that the JYPE PR people did NOT handle the situation well. -shrug- Anyway, Thanks!

    • Aww thanks :3 I was worried that I’d get hate-mail for saying what I did, but yay you agree with me :D

      JYPE needs to hire new PR people. I just heard that they used Jay for their new JYPE promo video/poster? ARGH. Fail.

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