Posted by: lovediaries | March 4, 2010

100223 SHINee @ Hello Baby Ep6

{credit: sfineee @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

It’s so good to have Key back ♥. He has such good motherly instincts, so I love watching him care for Yoogeun on a deeper level than the others. JongYu were such pain in the asses at the start lmfao!!! But I’m loving how this show is half about Yoogeun and half about them XD. Onew sucks when it comes to playing tricks on people but it was so evil of Jonghyun to push the blame on his hyung when the others found out about the doodling. KEY IS ALWAYS SO QUICK TO OBSERVE THESE THINGS!! The part where they were in Singapore looking for a present for Yoogeun was cute, but omgggg Minho (and the others) listen to Key. Guns and knives don’t make good presents for little kids :(((.


  1. OMG…OMG…OMG… SHINee is having a SHOWCASE in SG this Mar 14!!! omg, omg, omg….that means they’re singing, right? Not just another fan-sign. I already have good tickets for the Singapore Entertainment Awards on Mar 13. I can foresee chaos again but I dont care – I won’t queue for a fansign but a showcase, I will line up overnight if i have too…LOL. I hope they sing Replay, RDD and Juliette!

    • SOBS I HEARD, you guys are so lucky alksdjlskj. And I’m sure they’re going to perform more than just those three songs since they keep performing them at fansignings and showcases are meant to be BIG!

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