Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 4, 2010

Siwon for High Cut

Credit: High Cut Korea

LOL. Siwon looks good, and these photos are nice, but hahahahahahahaha XDDDDD

The first picture is ok (though I think it’s a bit awkward looking) but in the second picture he looks like he has a cleavage, and then in the third picture HIS ARM IS MISSING. Whut.

It’s nice to see Siwon doing something, though. I miss SuJu; I hope their 4th album will drop sometime in the next few months :)


  1. That’s Siwon in a nutshell. Drool worthy sexy at first glance, then major lulz after that. <3

    I'm waiting for the 4th album too. I was just listening to the Sorry, Sorry album in my car and it suddenly hit me how good it was!

    • There were some lulzy songs on the album (Shining Star, anyone?) but I loved so many songs <3 Let's Not, Reset, Monster, Sorry Sorry are all in my Top 25 playlist in my ipod XD

      Siwon is all chocolate abs and lulzy brows, dude ~

  2. The second one does look like cleavage!!! O_o;;

    • I wonder if they used shadow to highlight it :P

  3. LOL cleavage XD
    Siwon is so awkward looking :)
    I really miss SuJu too, almost the one-year anniversary since their sorrysorry comeback<3

    • I’m hoping for a comeback around July-ish :DDD

  4. LOL what’s with you and posts on shirtless boys? :D

    Haha omg when I first got here I was like :| why are the malls so small and why do I have to walk so much *grumble*

    Then uni started and since it’s only the third week or so, there have been lots of fun stuff and loads of clubs to join, so yay, not bored yet! How about you? Heard that uni JUST started in Aust…are u second year now?

    And yes. Pls. I would be so ridiculously happy if Jay pops up one day.

    • *shifty eyes* I appreciate nice things…? :P

      LOL I FORGOT HOW MUCH I HAD TO WALK IN NZ!! Omg the public transport in Australia has made me so lazy XD But yea, it’s a quiet, little town compared to your old city, isn’t it :P Everything closes before 6, lol.

      I’ve just had one week of uni so far..and I’m sick of it already XD I’m in my third year this year! I’m old, lol. I only just joined a club this year, cos I thought I should be more involved in uni social events, rofl.

      How’s the weather down there? My friends are in Dunedin and they’re freezing XDD And how’s the cooking-for-yourself thing working out :P

      • LOL! Well no, I come from East Malaysia, which is quite small. My city’s probably around the size of Christchurch, maybe slightly smaller, so it wasn’t hard to adapt.

        Hahaha it’s my third week and I’m already slacking off :P It’s terrible! And third year? Awesome, so you’ll be graduating this year? Ooh what clubs did you join? You’re not OLD, aren’t you only one year older than me? Don’t make me feel bad pls. XD

        The weather so far has been nice and sunny but I still have to wrap up because for me, 22 degrees is pretty cold. Malaysia’s like 30 degrees everyday! Cooking wasn’t as bad as I expected, I mean, everything I’ve made so far has been edible and I think I may actually grow to like it, though if given a choice I’d rather my mom cook :P

        • Ooo I’m in my third week now, you started earlier :P

          Nope, not graduating this year :( Doing a double degree, so I’ll be at uni for 2 more years DDDD: Hmm, I’m guessing you’re a ’91 baby like Candychu? I’m a ’89 baby, so I’m probably 2/3 years older than you :P

          I joined the French Club! Lol, I haven’t been to any events so far though HAHA. But I feel all ~~social~~ now that I’m part of a club LOLOLOL. *pats self on back*

          Have you been to the Cookie Monster factory yet?? Omg I miss those giant cookies so much ;_;

          Omg this girl on my bus reminded me so much of you. She was sitting next to me and she told me that she’d just moved here from Malaysia and that she was a 1st year health/science student. I was thinking in my head “OMG IS THIS LOLLYOBSESSED” but then I remembered that you were in Christchurch, not Australia LOL.

          Hope NZ is treating you well :) (have you seen any sheep yet? haha)

  5. oh my God,, Siwon look very very handsome !!

    i very like his expresion and his body is six pack..

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