Posted by: lovediaries | March 7, 2010

OB GYN Doctors Ep 9&10 Subbed

So after all these weeks of watching, I finally figured out this drama airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays :D!

Ep 9 English Subbed

Ep 10 English Subbed

Almost done with Ep10! I like that in these past two episodes, the focus has been more on the development in Hyeyoung and Sangshik’s relationship as well as Kyungwoo and Youngmi’s relationship. I like that you can see gradual changes without anything happening too quickly :). There is still drama, with just the right about of romance. I love how we’re seeing the men coming off as stronger characters too. That part where Kyungwoo got angry at his mum and was just running up the stairs had be sobbing lmfao. Song Joong Ki ♥♥♥♥

Despite the focus having diverted just a tad, the different cases are still really either heartwarming or tragic. It’s interesting that not all the cases end happily. In fact, most don’t. But you know, that’s what happens in real life. This drama is so deep~~ I love it so much :DD. I hope even more of you have been watching this~

OH AND, IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING, the embedded gif is from EP 10!! Kekeke. I rewatched that scene about ten times xD.

p.s Head Nurse is one of my favourite characters. She has some of the best lines and though she mightn’t be the kindest Nurse, she’s still a really amazing person. I love her!


  1. w00t?! out already? aaahhhh «.« im falling behind! OoO have to probably wait till next weekend to watch this ;o; but omg the gif is pure WIN!! XD joooonkiii <3

    • Haha before I was the one falling behind, now I am the most ahead XD.

      • I just finished watching 10 but WAIIITTT~ why didn’t i saw the scene on the giif? ;o; maybe it was a short moment when i didn’t looked at the screen but please tell me when they did that? XDD

        my favorite scene mustve been when sangshik was drunk and fell asleep while hugging her XD i wish i wouldve been the one to drink with him xP
        the scene with his brother was kinda awkward though haha! did he want to show that his brother has a perfect family so she would think of keeping the baby? ^^;
        and youngmixkyungwoo’s scenes were pretty awesome too *o* they should just get together PLEASE? its just sad that they stick with the ‘youngmi-the-pabo’ >< but i guess its just so that kyungwoo can look less pabo? *getsbricked* i love both of them though kekek~

        • YOU MISSED IT!??! It was when Kyungwoo and the other doctor (sorry, forgot his name) were reenacting for Sangshik what he was doing with Hyeyoung. So it’s in Part 1, rewatch it omg! I did about 50 times before moving on to the next part XD.

          He was so cute lmao the way he just fell asleep on her ;~~;. And HAHA totally agree with Youngmi looking silly to make Kyungwoo look LESS silly. But he can be quite manly too, like when he was yelling at his mother :33.

          • ahahahaha!!! how could ive missed it?! XDDD i just saw the scene when both of them came downstairs and were making fun of him.. CUT…then the scene in the hospital were they were hugging infront of the head nurse XDDD ARGGGH have to rewatch it *lol*

            AGREE <3 he was sooo cool there *o*

            • adjfkds omg how did that happen!?!?

    I havent watched ep10 but omg whats the gif !!
    I watched ep9 already though.
    My fav. scene gotta be where joongki was comforting youngmi abt the abandoned baby who died T.T he’s so sweet..

    • my fault. I just realised that ep was ep8……… >.< Means I have 2 eps on hold now :( :( :(

    • Lol bb, you and youjuchan are both putting this on hold. WHO DO I HAVE TO SPAZZ WITH!??! ;~~;. Awww it’s okay though, I’ll wait for you guys to come back <333.

      The abandoned baby case was really sad :(. But I loved that Kyungwoo got to show a tender side towards Youngmi as a result~

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