Posted by: beckery | March 8, 2010

8eight – Availability Period MV

Credit: AsianMusicVideoHD @ youtube

I’m not sure if we have any 8eight fans but I seriously think they’re probably one of the most underrated Kpop groups out there ;__; I love their ballads sfm and wish more people would too!! I was really looking forward to another epic one, but I think they decided to have a bit of change? Its still quite catchy, just different and…I still prefer their ballads hahaha. XDD


  1. lol this is one of those songs that you dislike but i absolutely adore.

    i reeeally like it, wow.

    • Lol, opposites attract :P

  2. I LOVE 8EIGHT!! :) I agree its a nice change but I prefer their ballads.

    • SAME! :D About everything you said. 8eight doesn’t get enough love :(

  3. Oh I didn’t expect this kind of change from 8Eight…not that the song is not nice but me too prefer their ballads….

    • Haha, I think most of agree that their ballads are pretty ace. I hope they’re gonna release more ballads!

  4. I love 8ight but I’m not feeling this song much.
    I prefer their ballads as well (Their first album was love<3).

    • I pretty much love all their stuff. They have the best ballads <33 But yea I'm still not LOVING this song yet. All their other songs got me hooked on first listen haha

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