Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 8, 2010

DBSK Toki Wo Tomete MV Preview

Credit: DongBang123 @ Youtube

::Edit:: Edited with a new video, cos Avex removed the one I had before D; Thanks, Abbness for the heads up :))


This is my favourite new song from their Best Selections album; I’m so glad they’re making an mv for this :DD Does this mean that they’ll be promoting this on music shows :D? I HOPE SO.

The outfits remind me of their Lovin’ You mv, and the setting reminds me of their Together album cover…but it looks like this mv has a plot??

And lol @ how the preview is a cut of Jae’s lines. JAPAN LOVES JAEJOONG.


  1. you’re not alone, girl. i refuse to be bothered with the issues surrounding them atm but all i can is i’m really glad i got into K-Pop early enough that i managed to enjoy DBSK at the height of their popularity in Korea and also witnessed their journey from being nobody in Japan :) those were the times.

    • Awww I know exactly what you mean. I’m so glad I got into them back in the good ol’ days ;_; /clutches AADBSK2 DVDs to chest

      I just hope that this whole lawsuit thing can be resolved soon. I miss happy!DBSK :(

  2. definitely not alone! i miss them sOOOO much too! but yeah thanks “passenger in Bae Soo Bin’s ship” you totally reminded that i WAS lucky enough to be there for all those moments…and hopefully we will get to see more of those endearing moments again =)…and if jaejoong is actually in a new japanese drama i am TOTALLY buying it!!! thanks for the preview =)!

    • I’m really looking for to Jae’s J-drama!!!! Lol, Japan loves him XD

      And yeah, I miss DBSK’s golden age :(

  3. here’s another one who misses dbsk ;o; I’m sooo glad to see this mv preview *o* i realized how my itunes ‘most listened to’-list shows less dbsk songs ToT and i want more promotions pleeeasseee ;o;

    i totally have to get a best selection album soon! ò.ó! but it costs more than 2weeks of my pocketmoney Xx

    • Omg I don’t think my playlist has any DBSK songs left it it DDD: I AM A HORRIBLE FAN. They really need to release some more Korean stuff ;_;

      Maybe wait for the HK edition of the album? It tends to be a LOT cheaper, and it’s the same thing :)

  4. you are DEFINITELY not alone! they are missed soooo much and need to come back! i hope they have a comeback in korea too. they are the ones who got me into kpop and it would definitely be heartbreaking if they leave =(

    • *hi5* DBSK was what got me into Kpop too :)

  5. sigh~ unfortunately, i only got to know them during their mirotic promotions… *yes, i have been living under a rock for all my life* SO I HAVEN’T GOT ENOUGH OF THESE BOYS!!! i miss them sfm… please come back soon!!! T_T

    ps: anyone else excited abt the group shot? OT5 FTW! <333

    • Awwww you missed out on some good stuff :/ Have you caught up on their old variety appearances and stuff?? The banjun dramas, omg. You MUST watch those if you haven’t already!!

  6. Nooo the video was taken down =(

    So what exactly is happening with DBSK now?

    • Thanks for letting me know ^^

      Um, I think they’re still waiting for SM to respond to the lawsuit and provide all the documents and stuff :S I hope the lawsuit will end soon…

  7. im fine with them as tohoshinki. so long as they continue to sing together…

    jj’s always on some list in japan… most pretty guy, most wanted lover… but my fav is still yunho. gosh did u see him in his photo shoots lately?! *drools*

    • Yunho is a fine, fine man *__*

      And yea, Japan loves Jae XDDD

  8. I’m so sad that I discovered DBSK only a few months ago and wasn’t there when they were most popular but oh well. (I’m not Asian so it’s understandable ^-^). Yeah so back to the point.. I miss DBSK too! From the video, it seems like they’re all in the same shot. Is that true?! Please god, I hope it’s true! Oh btw Jaejoong’s blond hair whoa! Nice XD

    • I like your name :)

      My favourite JJ hair is the platinum blonde style he had when they were promoting O. I love that colour on him *O*

      I wish my friends were more like you. They always tell me I like gay, asian boys :(

  9. you’re definitely not the only, but after having their court case dragged out for so long, i’m kinda over any drama and just hope they keep making more music. but i really hope they perform this song and promote it together ^_^ when i still used to stalk thsk on youtube, i remember hearing them practice this song on a fancam. it gave me goosebumps!

    BTW who else is ecstatic that JJ is back to blond (even though it’s not that surreal platinum blond that was my favorite)?

    • Yea, right now I just want the court case to END. I can’t believe it’s been dragged out for so long already =.=

      Ooo would you by any chance still have a link to the fancam of this? I love watching practise fancams :)


  10. Oh god…I miss them like crazy
    I love how everyone looks (although Yunho has aged due to the lawsuit–poor U-know…).
    I can’t wait for Jaejoong’s new drama! (although I can’t find his Heaven’s postman with Eng subs anywhere)
    I hope they’ll continue to make great music ♫♪!!! ♥
    Always keep the faith!~♥
    Lol @ “And lol @ how the preview is a cut of Jae’s lines. JAPAN LOVES JAEJOONG.” SO true…who doesn’t?

    • Hmmm have you looked on sites on Mysoju? Or maybe even Veoh. They always have the videos that Youtube takes down, haha.

      Japan LOVES JJ. Seriously. He is always ranked in the most ridiculous polls, lol XDD

  11. T.T Buaaa You´re not te only one that miss DBSK… And obviusly with my good luck (¬¬) I couldn´t see the video… Good T.T… Youtube hates me I know… anyway I will search for the song and hopefully I will find the video too…

    Always keep the faith!…OMG I love Jae too..O.~..

    • Argh, Youtube keeps removing the videos :( Will try to find a new one ~

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