Posted by: lovediaries | March 9, 2010

Epik High – Run MV

{credit: AsianMusicVideoHD @ youtube}

When the teaser came out, I replayed it over and over for about an hour ;_;. Needless to say, I really really like this song. I was covered in goosebumps a minute and a half into the MV. Seriously, the goosebumps are really indicative of how much a song appeals to me. The great ones get me tingling~~ It’s a bit different to the songs they released on E and to be honest, I’m hoping in the coming album “Epilogue” (which will be released March 9th), they’ll have more songs like this one. Or have a similar album to Pieces Part 1/Lovescream.

The MV was so well done, like every other Epik High music videos. There wasn’t crazy imagery or awesome camera techniques but the message was clear and the ending was touching ;_;. You guys have to watch for yourself!

Oh and, here’s the boyband that Epik High are producing. Tablo uploaded this onto his twitter a while ago :D. The boy in the MV should be the one left, if I’m correct. They’re cute, right? :D.


  1. I’ve got goosebumps too, the ending was really inspirational. Lol sometimes Epik High is too deep for me, but when I get some of their stuff, it makes me cry ;_;

    • ‘Inspirational’ was the word I was thinking of too ;_;.

  2. Oh WOW *_* got goosebumps too! lol
    Tablo with eyeliner, hot, heheh.
    But ahh this song is <33 I really like ;D
    Epik High MVs are usually really cool, and this one (I thought) was just as amazing!

    • Wannabe was pretty lulzy, but it definitely isn’t a favourite MV of mine haha. This one, on the other hand, had a message to get across, which it did perfectly :).

  3. Dude I need his NAME. He made me all ;_; and I have 65 screencaps ON MAH PHONE of the MV.
    I’ve had the album on my ears all day. It is -amazing-

    • LOLING @ YOU. I need names too, I’m really excited for this ground. I hope they do stuff similar to the songs released on Pieces Part 1. That is still my favourite album :33.

  4. Same like beckery! I’m so happy that they don’t continue singing the songs like ‘Wannabe’.’Run’ is amazing,and these lyrics….I have to find their album,right now!!! :D

    • HAHA I agree ^^;;. I love this song so much, and the MV was so lovely ;~;.

  5. Wow, that was an a amazing MV.
    I am almost cried with that ending =(

    • It was, wasn’t it? I honestly thought it would end in death but it didn’t ;_;.

  6. one question:is this all mv about this boy?he had an accident,he used to have a girlfriend…is it about one person?

    • Yep, it’s all the one boy. His girlfriend left him after agreeing to marry him and he also lost a leg in that accident but he didn’t give up on his life ;~;.

  7. cool mv, I like the cinematography they use and the 1st pov. the song needs more listen to grow on me though

    • Sometimes the 1st pov is done badly but here, I think it was very well done :D.

  8. Cute boy :D and I love the cinematography in Epik High videos. Nice song too but I still need to listen to it more.

    MV made me sad but that’s really… inspirational. O:

    • He is cute, I can’t wait to see this group debut :D.

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