Posted by: lovediaries | March 9, 2010

Listen to … One Way – Magic

{credit: urnobody191 @ youtube}

One Way debuted with “One Way Street”, and it is amazing you guys. I couldn’t even pick which song to embed but went with “Magic” in the end, because they also have a remix version, so what the hell, I’ll use this one to entice you guys~ But really…I love every. single. song on their mini-album. Like actually love. And the last time this happened … pretty sure it was in 2008 when SHINee released their first min-album.

If you didn’t like “Magic”, try “One Way“, “Unknown Number” or “Casino“. Seriously, you are bound to find something you’ll love.


  1. :o
    i’m surprised you didn’t rec a ballad this time, but i have to agree, i absolutely adore one way. :) there’s something slightly edgy and different about them, which i really like.

    stamp the magic on you, stamp the magic~

    • Lmao shush, it’s rare that something in between comes out, okay!

  2. I just heard their songs yesterday!
    Awesome. Their voices are soo smooth :)
    My fav. track is No Number <3
    As I prefer more of RnB/ballad kind :)
    Are they half americans? haha.

    • I am already hoping for the next mini/album ;_;. And I’m thinking they’re Korean-Americans :D.

  3. 2 of them lived in australia, and then one moved to america where he met the other one who also lived there. check out this clip:
    they thank their international fans in english

    • all of them speak in english!! i was so happy i could understand them! XDD
      thanks for the link!

    • WAIT WAIT WHAT OMG TWO ARE FROM AUSTRALIA!?!??! Thanks for the clip, I’ll watch it right now :D.

  4. AHH!!!
    SO glad u did a post about One Way
    they’re my current obsession x3
    Magic is a *litte* too Ne-yo/Chris Brown-y sounding for me…
    but One Way is def one of my new favorite songs (and groups)
    They’re crazy talented and just… ahh i love them
    sorry for the fan girly rant xD
    but this just made me so happy

    • No problem! Their sound is unique compared to what’s out right now, so I’m really loving them. I’m often putting their album on repeat hehe. I can seriously listen for hours to it~~

  5. definitely love their MAGIC!!
    thankyouthankyou for putting this up!!


    • No problem :D! Just sharing the love keke~

  6. Magic is my favorite off their album :DD
    overall the album is very good and the elephant themed cover art is such a cool idea!

    • oh have you guys seen this? them covering TaeYang’s Naman Barabwa

      • No I have not but I will watch it right now :D. Ty bb!!

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