Posted by: beckery | March 12, 2010

Big Bang – Lollipop 2 MV

Credit: clandestinepain @ youtube

I don’t think we’ve used our Big Bang tag in ages~ :D

I have the biggest love-hate relationship with their Lollipop songs haha. I feel like I shouldn’t really be liking it that much but then I end up doing so anyways. I always start with “pft what is this?!” then after a few listens and few more listens, I end up liking it. I blame the fact that they have insanely catchy hooks XDD

I love TOP’s “Girlll”, the way he sorta slurs it is so sexy! And GD’s rap is pretty awesome. Colour explosion, as expected, but Seungri’s pink trench makes me extra cringe hahaha. How adorable is Daesung :3 I feel like I haven’t seen them as a group for ages so it’s a nice treat ;D


  1. tbh I’m not really feeling this mv/song. idk if it’s because I just watched 2ne1’s try to Follow Me that really :O that I ended up comparing this. even with the color explosion, it feels pretty plain, and I thought the Lollipop girl was Sulli at first XDD

    cant wait for their comeback!

    • Are they having a comeback? soon? I’m so out of the loop with Big Bang hahaha. But I don’t know, I sorta like the song, I sorta dont. Like I said, I have love-hate relationships with them. Some days, I’d jam to it but others I would be like “wth i dont want this right now /skip” haha XD

  2. i actually like this =) esp the chorus
    lolly lolly girl looooool

    • :D:D Yaay! Nice username btw, cute haha

  3. I actually liked this song way better than their first one…haha…I loved GD’s “L” sign that was really—hot…haha although that’s not the first word I’ll use to describe him (cute…:]) …yeah…why is Seungri always wearing the shockingly bright pink or green trench coat-like things??? I am especially loving Taeyang’s hat
    Anyway…Big Bang~can’t wait for their comeback and when is taeyang’s cd releasing??? ♥

    • LOL I KNOW! Seungri always gets the really gross trench coats and I don’t know why they always give him the trenches cuz like TOP is taller and would probably look a bit more decent in them. Except those colours are so fugly :/ When’s Big Bang coming back? And Taeyang? haha. I’m so lost

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