Posted by: lovediaries | March 12, 2010

SHINee – Mexicana Chicken CF

{credit: Randy19976 @ youtube}

Version B


Korea comes out with the worst chicken CFs in that they never have any relevance to chicken BUT the boys all look so good and oh wow, we get a Minho lower-back-flash and a Jonghyun/Taemin slight-tummy-flash? *O* Yum, yum~ LOL. But wtf was with the low angle crotch shot of Key!? I…could’ve lived without that XD. Onew looks too at home, eating his chicken hehe.

These CFs were infinitely better than the last CF they did T_T. I don’t think you can really turn this into anything too lulzy…


  1. that… made absolutely no sense to me. XD

    • Do chicken CFs ever make sense!? xD

  2. I was looking out for their little spots of flashing, thanks for alerting me. :PPP

    Actually alot of Korea’s F&B-related idol ads don’t make sense to me. :| but i’m guessing they are so cute people will rush to buy the chicken anyway? :D Onew looks so happy to be eating chicken. XD

    on another note, I was watching the fancams of them in Singapore for the Singapore Entertainment Awards and they looked so sad and tired (except for Onew, he is always love!)! I hope it was the heat and not that they hate Singapore or something. :( but it really is so warm and humid these few weeks. Poor Onew was dripping and I wanted to go give him a towel. :D on the other hand, Jjong just looked angry and I wouldn’t have dared talk to him. :|

    • Lmao no problem, I swear my eyes always go straight to … er, places like that.

      I haven’t seen any videos from the Singapore Entertainment Awards – only photos. But I found it odd that everyone’s been commenting on how unhappy (even angry) Jonghyun looked. I wonder why he was like that :(. It sounds pretty scary.

  3. lol this reminds me of suju’s chicken cf back in 08

    • oh was it on 09? lol idk

      • I think it was 09 hehe ^^;;.

  4. They all looked adorable. But its funny how the chicken comes out only in the end. Onew looked so cute taking a big bite out of that chicken while the others did it so gingerly (LOL!).

    I was at the SEA and the showcase. It is a good thing that Jonghyun smiled a bit more in the showcase. He could have tried harder during SEA though. It was obvious they were ALL tired but Jjong was not dancing as hard as the others and he barely smiled. It’s a good thing they sounded really good live to make up for the lack of fan-service from some SHINee members. This made me appreciate Onew, Key and Taemin because they smiled often and waved to the fans.

    I partly blame SM Ent. They should give the boys a few weeks break instead of working on the new album. I miss them but I think its more important that they are healthy, happy and enjoying themselves. They kept travelling while they were “supposedly” on break. I know its necessary in order to dominate Asia etc but they also need some rest. I wonder how Onew is gonna cope with a musical coinciding with their comeback.

    • Lol I know right! Srsly, chicken cfs are never about the chicken!

      Yeah I’ve been thinking, even if Jonghyun was tired, he usually doesn’t show that side while on stage. It makes me sort of sad, he must’ve been so exhausted. SM really need to give them a break. They’re supposed to be working on their next album, yet in between they’re travelling all over asia. Come on SME< stop overworking them, that's why they're "growing up" so quickly. THEY'RE REALLY AGING MORE QUICKLY!!!

  5. Welll.. I don´t know what this is a CF for chicken but… what the hell, they look good!, even so it´s weir… XD… I prefer the version A ^^, has more sense… anyway thanks for the video =)…

    • Haha you are welcome :)

  6. Yeah I was at SEA2010 and noticed they all were not even smiling much except my Onew of coz. I guessed they must be tired out traveling here and there. It’s understandable but I still wanted to see the happy SHINEE performing. And I missed the Fansign event the next day, so the only memory was their tired faces :( . But still, I love SHINEE, Onew and the rest of them! xD

    • I think it was a bad time to send them to Singapore, just because they’ve been flying everywhere and working so much lately. It’s hard to expect them to still be so :DDDD but at the same time, when you see them, you’d WANT them to be happy. Aish :((.

  7. Oh yes and i saw Jong looked up at the fans screaming for them with a really cold face eeeeeekkk :( I thought he didnt liked sg girls screaming wildly for them. Minho waved once or twice to the fans I think.

    • …That sounds so scary :(((. Why would he do that to fans screaming for them!? Unless it was at an inappropriate time.

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