Posted by: lovediaries | March 14, 2010

OB GYN Doctors Ep 11&12 Subbed

(For more official pictures, be sure to check out fysongjoongki kekeke ^^v)

Ep 11 English Subbed

Ep 12 English Subbed

You guys, the love triangle is getting pretty intense ;____;. I’ve only had time to watch Ep 11 and I’m thinking this way already (sorry, I’ll get round to replying comments asap. I’ve had a pretty hectic weekend of procrastinating. I need to watch Hello Baby after this drama too D:). I cried over the lack of Go Ju Won/Sangshik already, and to top it off, Jaesuk beat him into confessing to Hyeyoung. I’m so worried but I still have plenty to do before I can start Ep 12 T_T. Sob sob.

As for the embedded pic, I’ve been going crazy over it ALL WEEK T___T. It happens in Ep 12, I think because in Ep 11 Kyungwoo was still pushing poor Youngmi away. The scene on the hospital rooftop RIPPED ME APART. Kyungwoo, stop being so cold :((. I sort of cheated and found this little kissing cut. To be honest, I was disappointed because from the pictures, the kiss looked so ~intense~ and then when I actually watched it, I thought “D: this is it!? Joongki can do so much better!!!”

But anyway, you guys will have to watch for yourself to decide keke~


  1. oh thanks o lot….this post so is so hot….i love kpop….and i love minho(shinee) very much be cuz he so pretty and so handsum no?

  2. thanks o lot===thanks a lot

  3. OOOH EEEEM GEEEEE~ jaesuk confeeessed? OoO if it wouldnt be half past 1am already iw ould totally watch 11+12 ;o;
    but 11 doesnt have lot of sangshik?! aaahhh >< its getting intteenseee :3 and it looks like kyungwoo and youngmi's relationship has turned to a better? ^^;;

    • I’ve finished episode 11 <3 jaesuk is cuuuteee XD such a kid! *rofl* but i think hyeyoung just sees him as a.. younger bro? kekeke~ sangshiks jealous expressions made me fall even more for him *o* (their expressions throughout the episode were WIN! XD )
      and the episode made me want to learn how to play go-stop XDD i just don't get it*lol*

    • uwaaah~ the 12th episode was really JJANG!! ^^;; The episode just showed me how much of a kid jaesuk is XDD I’d love to have such a best friend! and the scene (embedded pic) was soo lovely *o* kyungwoo is so sweet~ i really feel for youngmi.. i wanted to punch that girl in her face ò.ó
      some scenes were weird though oO at first they were like ‘ah leave me alone! and blaa’ and the next day theyre like the bestest friend ever XD (though i really really enjoyed all jaesuk + hyeyoung cuts *o*)
      and i don’t get why sangshik was so hesitant on going to america.. i dunno if i understood it wrongly~ but didnt he just go for a few days and would return after the interview? Oo’ anyways~ i’m biased and still find it cute how much he cares for her hahha!

      look what arirang aired –>
      (its about lee young eun (youngmi), the first part with joongki was so adorable XD)

      • Jaesuk has srsly matured since EP 1. OH THE THINGS PEOPLE DO FOR ~LOVE~

        But omg omg omg bb I hope you can watch ep 13/14 ASAP. My heart just stopped beating at the end of ep 13. IT WAS SO INTENSE. And the case in ep 14 reminded me of ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ alskdjfkdsljf.

        And ty for linking me to the video! I’ve seen caps from it but never knew what video it came from. Those two are THE CUTEST in ep 13. They have secret code words for their rendezvous~ it’s sooooo cute.

  4. hello baby is getting pretty random. oh well… i’m that much more forgiving cos its them shinee boys doing random things.. ;d

    im enjoying obgyn very much. good drama!

    • LOL Ep 7 was quite random but I think Ep 8 will be less random since they have something to do.


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