Posted by: beckery | March 16, 2010

2AM – I Did Wrong MV

Credit: t2ssubs @ youtube

I’ve been waiting for this! Their teasers really got me hyped up :DD

Some people have been complaining about the autotune, but I still LOVE THE SONG ANYWAYS!! We all know they would have sounded fantastic without it haha. Plus, I’m sure they’ll tone down the autotune in their live performances. Anyways, the song is heaps catchy. I love that verse that Changmin does at 2.07 and Jinwoon does at 3.07  ♥♥ Magnae getting to do the chorus makes me happy XDDD

I think there’s 2/3 parts altogether? Because the story kinda stops lol. So…..lajflksjlsj how hot do the boys look? Seulong glaring at the girl in the classroom made me gushing hahaha, he was so hot! They all looked great in their roles, no wonder the girl had a hard time picking. I would have 4-timed too HAHAHA. Fighting scene was heartbreaking though, dont.ever.ok. ;~;


  1. yep. i like it too. its different from the usual soppy ballads they do. i like seulong’s new hair. somehow the girl reminds me of yuna from fx. n she seems a lil young to be paired with the 2am guys.

    • LOL “soppy ballads”. I AM OFFENDED :P I love their ballads haha! But yea I love the new song, it’s still sorta ballad-y but also a bit of dance and autotune and everything else XD There’s a…yuna from f(x)? You mean Luna? Or Yoona from SNSD? Haha

  2. your blog is amazing :O !
    I totally loved it *D*
    you got a lot of things of many groups i like ~~ salutes c:


    • Awwwwww *throws lollies at you* Thank you! I’m glad you’re liking our blog. We’ve actually all been rather lazy lately so we don’t post as much as we use, but we’re trying our best :D

  3. I just cracked up a little when all of them bad boys just look at her in awe XD. It’s quite cute. I would have trouble choosing from Seul Ong and Jin Woon…cuteness and hotness T_T.

    I’m liking this song though<3 It's rather catchy in a different way from can't let you go even if I die.

    I hope there is another mv for this. Looks like it's going to be dramatic~<3

    • Lol..honestly, I’d probably end up choosing Magnae cuz he is forever my lil bias. I love the others, esp Jo Kwon (he is Imop’s bff afterall) too but like..I LOVE JINWOON ;___; He’s such a dear lil thing haha. Though they all look great here and Seulong is HOT HOT HOT!

      I can’t wait for lives, less autotune but still awesome song! :D And yea I’m pretty sure there will be another part haha

  4. She does look like F(x) Luna to me too…not only appearance but also the way she talks especially in the football field with Seulong.

    I like the song and they all look so good.

    • Lol. I didn’t notice the resemblance but she’s quite cute ;D I’m totally jealous btw!!! They look great ;D

  5. I was, like, LOL why is Kwon the only one whose extracurricular activity doesn’t require much workout? XD

    I seriously didn’t get the story except that girl is a 4-timing biatch lolz (Who could blame her?) And I like the song. :D

    • Because kwon is too diva for sports or any of those sorts hahahaha. But I think he fits the DJ-ing thing and I love his gold headphones!

      I think the first part is just Her Return dun dun dunnnnn….Haha but I guess they use to be childhood friends and she keeps playing all 4 of them but they keep taking her back which is why they “did wrong” haha. XDDD

  6. LOVE THIS SONG + MV. Personally, I don’t get all the hate about the autotune. It suits the song and doesn’t make it sound horrible. Plus we already know these boys can sing. Yet someone needs to fix Jinwoon’s hair , its kinda unflattering. (omg, i want to like, spend a day with jinwoon just to see if he really claps he hands in excitement all the time like he does in WGM). Seulong + motorcycle = UNF. Jo Kwon suits those headphones, I love they way he’s bopping his head to the music. And Changmin play icehockey is just awesome.
    They all look amazing. Man I am such a sucker for these long dramatic MVs. :D

    the lyics and feel to this song is so sad, i love it.

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