Posted by: lovediaries | March 19, 2010

OB GYN Ep 13&14 Subbed

I’ll go reply to the comments on the last OB GYN post after watching Ep 13 ^^;;.

Watching/posting before the English Subbed videos because of the embedded screencaps. I stared at them for about an hour, got distracted while doing an online assessment, and decided to watch the Chinese subs because even though they take around 2 hours or so to stream, I just couldn’t wait any longer. It happens at the end of Ep 14 though ;___;

Ep 13 Chinese Subbed

Ep 14 Chinese Subbed

Is this drama still making everyone cry? Too many deaths in the past few episodes :'(((. And can I just say that the actresses in this drama are all really pretty. I doubt they are pregnant for real, but I think that saying where pregnant women seem to ~*glow*~ really comes through in this drama.

I just finished Ep 13 and I am literally shaking in my seat. The preview for Ep 14 is so crazy and if I didn’t need to be awake in 6 hrs, I WOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT. But oh god oh god, Youngmi alskdfjkdsf ;____;. I hope Kyungwoo stands up against his bitchy mum/aunty because HE NEEDS TO MARRY HER. And then Sangshik :(((. Omg, he has the worst timing, come on, it was so obvious Hyeyoung was in a rush and he’s freaking standing there trying to explain himself. Just, no ;___;.

How am I going to go to bed now? :((.


  1. THEY KISSED!!! noo… i like jaesuk better. ~_~

    sushow II is tomorrowwww!!! :DDDD just had to do that hahha

    • KALDJFLKJDS RLY? B-b-but Sangshik is the epitome of perfection ;_;. Though I’ll be honest, in reality, I wouldn’t know who to choose.


    I hate myself for coming here to see spoilers but I just cant help it :'(
    But SANGSHIK AND HYEYOUNG!!! whoa. adkamkfmdj
    I just watched finish ep9 last night LOL. >.<
    So many new developments of their relationship..


      I’m always in a dilemma. I don’t know if I should post just…”boring” photos, or post the JUICY stuff to get everyone’s attention and tempt them~~ Lmao I’m sorry :(. If it makes you feel any better, beckery spoilt this for me too by linking me to the screencaps D:

      I still haven’t watched Ep 14 and when I went to watch this kissing cut, THE VIDEO DIED ON ME. Not once, not twice, but FIVE times :((.

      I can stop posting spoilers if you want, otherwise just skip my ob gyn posts ;_;. Sorry bb.

  3. No dont apologize! Its alright! Haha i gotta blame it on myself for not resisting xD So dont feel bad, continue to post! :) LOL the kissing cut died on you 5times?! Haha your comp wants you to watch the full ep properly =p so 14 eps have been aired? How many are there in total?

    • ajskdfsd if you say so. I finally finished Ep 14 omg. But because I watched the ending cut first, I went back and thought “wth why are Sangshik and Hyeyoung like this!?”

      I can’t wait for Ep 15 omg alskdjfkd. It aired last night and Ep 16 will be on tonight.

      And I’m not sure how many eps there are but I really hope it’s a long drama. Like…at least 30 eps HAHA.

  4. Hello!!! I’ve been a silent reader here but I can’t helped it!! I needed to spazz with you guys!! When I saw this post I was really anxious to see the episode!! Took me almost 5 days just to see it!! It was really worth waiting for it!!! I was kinda hesitant to watch this at first but then, thanks to you, I got really hooked!! Now, I cant wait for the next episodes!! I want to what will hapen after that KISS!!!

    • HIII!! I’m so glad you decided to come out and leave a comment. I’m really happy, quite a few silent readers have come out due to this drama :D. It must say something about it, eh? Hehe. And no problem, I’m just really glad you’re enjoying it right now.

      I watched a bit of Ep 15 last night (maybe the first 5 minutes or so?) and … well, all I can say is, it isn’t a typical korean drama haha.

  5. OMG I’m soooo behind everything ;o; ep 13,14 AND 15 have been subbed already!! I’m glad that today’s the start of my easter vacation *o* need something to spazz again! XD my week was too depressing XDDD

    • ok I’ve watched ep 13,14,15 yesterday XDDD~ (well i have to catch up! ò.ó)
      anyways~ I declare EP14 to be my FAVORITE EPI as for now! OMG I was SCREAMING at 11pm in my room!! XDD i’m glad my parents were karaok-ing! *rofl* the last scene was so…. *dies* (though i had to laugh at first cause there was ENOUGH space in the front side of the elevator XDDD ) but OMG I’m still grinning like the cat in Alice in wonderland when I’m thinking about it < like.. IN YOUR FACE! I KISSED YOU RIVAL! @.@

      (and joongki+youngmi couple were just TOO cute!!! XDDDD )

    • BB DID YOU KNOW EP 16 IS THE LAST EPISODE!?!??! I’ve only watched half of it cause I didn’t have time to finish it but now I’m just going to put it off cause I don’t want the drama to end for me so soon :(((.

      I was going to make a post but I think some of the links on viikii are broken!? I’m not sure. I’ll post when Ep 16 is up. It’ll be our last OB GYN post omg :((. We’ll have to mourn together.

      My Easter break (which goes only for one week) doesn’t start til …. tomorrow! Well, after tomorrow I’m free since I only have uni 3 days a wk keke.

      • WHAAATTT!!!??? NOOO ;o; *cries* only 1 episode left then..??? ToT but…i need more OB GYN EPISOOOODEEESSSS ;o; I need more sangshiiiik!!! ><

        yeah I think some parts of ep14 were broken.. but dunno if theyve been fixed already ^^;;
        My easter break has started on monday and only last 1 week too ;o; I'm gonna finish Pasta and God of study then.. and.. well.. I guess I have to find another drama to watch TwT (can't wait for Personal Taste !! <

      • 3 )

        huuuhuuu T-T I thought this drama would have at least 20 episodes ><

        • Korean dramas typically end after 14-16 eps but for this, I really thought it’d be okay to expect more ;;.

          I don’t know if I’ll be motivated to start another drama any time soon. I can only really watch one every few months LOL.

          • yeeesss i wanted it to be a drama like.. Boys over flowers or Shining inheritance who had like more than 25 episodes since the OBGYN plot was different with every episode and i was always looking forward to the next one ;o;
            btw do you know how the ratings were? (since they sometimes DO extend the episodenr like in pasta XD but well…)

            you totally have to watch Personal Taste!! XDD i started the first 2 episodes yesterday *rofl* the end of ep 2 was AWESOME XD (i mean.. I already knew it would happen but never mind haha)

            i have to watch less dramas as well @@ final exams (this coming 2 months -.-‘) *argh*

            • I started Personal Taste! Like I got 20 mins into it before I had to go study. Tbh I don’t think I’ll find anything to match up to OB GYN for a long time…but after my exams, I’ll definitely try get into PT!! :))

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