Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 20, 2010

2PM for High Cut Vol.25

Credit:, Danjisoo @ Naver

LOL @ HOW TAEC TOWERS OVER THE REST. Taec is the current favourite, we get it. The rest of the boys look like his backup dancers, omg =.= Not hating on Taec, just making an observation :P

I think some of the photos here came from this photoshoot? Either that or the stylists ran out of creative juices and used the same outfits (though I don’t know why they would. That buttons shirt is very, very strange).

The photos are nice, but I wish they’d put in more solo shots :( The photo of Khun, Taec and Chansung is my favourite: Khun looks HOT, Taec looks like an escaped convict with a big hat, and Chansung looks homeless LOL.

Now, instead of thanking me for sharing naked 2pm photos, SPAM ME WITH SONG RECOMMENDATIONS, PLEASE. I’ve had Lady Gaga and DBSK songs on repeat for the past two weeks; I NEED NEW MUSIC ;___;


  1. they’re releasing a whole photobook, i think :/.

    so sick of all the skin flashing TT

    • The Calvin Klein one, yea?? Don’t know why they’re reusing the same photos for magazines =.=

      And yea, I preferred the old, fully-clothed 2pm with the half-naked Leadja :P

      • Aww! Me Too! But they still look quite smexy.

  2. I’m not ready for naked!wooyoung and will never be ;___________;

    oh btw I dont see this post on the front page?

    • I wish they’d go back to doing the more covered up kind of photoshoots. Ah well…

      O_____O I just opened the front page and it’s right there DD:

  3. lol is this ‘2pm flashing your abs to your face’ magazine month? XD. Trying to make up to Jay’s abs but all of them combined still doesn’t add up to Jay’s awesome abs<3. They're too wonderful to replace.

    Jun Ho looks a bit scrawny though…I was expecting him to be buff and all due to the fact he was covering it for so long. I'll need to feed him tons of bulgogi T_T.

    But where are your abs Khun T_T. Ah but his stomach looks pretty on him so it's all good…I guess.

    • Leadja’s abs pwn all other abs in Korea – true fact 8D I miss the days when he flashed his abs on XD

      You know, I still haven’t seen Junsu shirtless. I bet he’s all scrawny, too BWAHAHA.

      Rofl, have you seen TOP’s one-pack?? IT’S REALLY CUTE AND FUNNY XDDDD Khun has such a baby face, he’d look weird with a super buff body, imo :P

  4. I kind of like it but not all of it. Oversexed is 2PM now. D: The ones with shirts on r nice though, lol. Less is more sometimes boys!!

    …That doesn’t sound quite right but I can’t think right now XD

    Song recommendations you say?? I’ve had ‘Do You Remember’ by Jay Sean on repeat in my head for a couple of days, just because it’s an insanely catchy song. :P

    • Aww I like Jay Sean’s songs :) Idk, everytime I turn on the radio now, I either hear Kesha (is that how you spell it?) or Justin Bieber =___________________=;;;;;

      2PM should leave the flashing to their Leadja. He does it best :’)

      Btw, I replied to the last comment you left here took me a while, I know ^^;;;

  5. So I guess Junho has opted to be shirtless from now on? Maybe he got in a fight with the stylists and they refuse to clothe him. XD Jk, jk…
    It’s nice to see their faces even if they are filthy.

    Music? You probably already listen to half the stuff I do, but lately I’ve been playing:
    -Dead and Gone-T.I. ft. Justin Timberlake
    -Run-Gnarles Barkley
    -How Do You Sleep-Jesse McCartney
    -Nothing On You(duh!)-B.o.B
    -Ocean Travel-Coffee Prince OST
    -Sad Thing-Adult Child
    -Sweet Disposition-Temper Trap
    -Bad Romance-Gaga
    -I Can Transform Ya-Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne(I’m not even a CB or LW fan, but the song is so catchy-.-)
    -Shout With Your Heart-Monday Kiz
    -Ce Jeu-Yelle

    Hope you find something. =P

    • Thanks for the song recommendations :D!!!

      Lol, seems like everyone’s listening to B.o.B after Jay’s video :P

      I used to be such a big Jesse McCartney fan, omg. And I remember how when I first heard “Dead and Gone” I didn’t believe it was JT singing cos to me, he’d always been the dancing guy XD

  6. OH GOD! i love ChanSung and him chocolate abs <3 thanks for the photos

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