Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 20, 2010

Photos From Royal Pirates “Disappear” MV

Credit: Royal Pirates’ Facebook

MV posted here

Was just procrastinating on FB and found these pictures. Thought I’d post these here cos it’s always nice to see more of these boys :) (and I want to use our Royal Pirates tag more XD). While these photos are super-professional, I really like them :D The black and white picture I embedded is my favourite *_* But I like how each member got a solo shot – it’s nice to finally see the face of their bassist, lol.

When I last stalked them, they were about to sign with a Korean talent agency…I hope they’ll have the chance to debut soon; I absolutely loved this song :D So different to the usual stuff you get from Kpop ~

Sorry for the lack of updates recently; uni has not been very nice :'( Will reply to comments ASAP :)


  1. wahh nice pictures :oo
    havent been keeping up with royal Pirates, blame the influx of goups but I’ll check out their “Dissapear’ song + mv~

    • It’s a nice song ~~ The MV doesn’t have the usual glossy, shiny production standard of Kpop groups, but it’s still pretty good for an unsigned group :)

  2. Hey I took these pictures :]


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