Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 21, 2010

DBSK – Toki Wo Tomete MV

Credit: Dirah9311 @ Youtube

I love this song *O* It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to watch some live performances of this ~

I’m kinda disappointed with the mv. I was expecting something with a plot:( Totally didn’t get the whole planetarium thing, lol. But omg GROUP SHOT ;_____; Possibly the weakest group shot to ever appear in a DBSK mv, but I’ll take what I can get :)

Japan’s JJ bias was obvious: JJ started and finished the mv :P While I like his blonde hair, I really hate the style :/ Idk, he reminded me of a sick child/vampire =.= But everyone else had great hair :D CHANGMIN, YOU’VE COME SO FAR FROM THE DAYS WHEN YOU WERE THE INNOCENT MAGNAE WHO FED KITTENS MILK *_________*

Boring mv, but it’s so great to see DBSK again. Maybe for their next mv, Avex can match JE’s budget for KAT-TUN mvs instead of matching their budget for NEWs’ mvs? :P


  1. Yes.
    Really weak group shot! =(

    Beautiful song, but the MV is pretty boring. Looks like all they did was shot in a park and dance theatre?, and infront of a green screen most of the time. Sigh. I NEED EXCITING DBSK MVs!

    Btw, have they settled their SM lawsuit yet?

    • I was expecting group shotS, plural D:

      Avex needs to spend more on their mvs. The boys earn enough for them =.=

      Nope, lawsuit is STILL going on. WHY SO SLOW ;____;

  2. mmm. changmin lost weight. :l

    most their japanese mvs are either weird, boring or plain. :/ or maybe its just me. :l

    • They’re all underweight :/ I really want to buy them cheeseburgers :)

      Yea I agree. Their Japanese mvs are always really weird/hard to understand/boring XD I think my favourite DBSK Jap. mv is the Rising Sun one. That one’s really good!

  3. if this how its going to be, then I’ll accept if the group will disband.
    Musically, i don’t think thsk is growing.
    Their skills maybe growing but the quality of work is still the same. The music is getting boring. Same old Same old. I watched Secret Code Live and honestly most of the songs sucked. The best thing about the group is the live skills but if the song is just boring, i don’t know how to stay interested. I hope they will hire great composers soon.

    Junsu should release his solo album soon.
    I will look forward to that.

    • Argh, as much as I love DBSK, I agree with everything you’d said.

      Before they got *big* in japan, they released some really nice stuff (Proud, Love in the ice, etc) but now it seems like they’re just putting together random sounds and making it a song, cos they know people will buy it ;_;

      Their Secret Code album was so bad. I bought it, but rarely listen to it cos the songs are so blah.

      I like this song though….

  4. i love this song too!!! could listen to it over n over n over again. im fine wit the cheesey mv. their jpn PVs r usually like that…

    • Yea, but this one didn’t even have a decent group shot ;___;

  5. I know everyone has their own opinions about DBSK and how their music is, and honestly to me, all of their songs have a secret meaning that they are trying to convey to the fans, and if not that, they simply touch the heart. ^_^
    I miss them together, but its so hard to see them suffering like this…
    I wish they had more group shots as well, but we all know SM is making it hard for them to be together….T_T
    DBSK fighting! Always keep the faith.

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