Posted by: beckery | March 22, 2010

Listen to … Seung Gi ft Baek Chan – Love Taught Me To Drink

Credit: bedifferent2 @ youtube

Ok, I know this is terribly old, well, not that old because it was part of his Shadow Repackage so….since February? Anyways, I finally listened to the two new songs on the repackage and ALJLKSJKLFSJF I LOVE THIS SONG SFM. ♥♥ I would spam this post with hearts if I could. The song is of course his forte, a ballad, and it seriously makes my heart ache. The lyrics are so depressing, “You taught me love, made me understand happiness. You taught me about seperation, made me understand tears.”….”Why did you leave without teaching me the way to forget” ;__; I’ve had it on repeat for the past 2 hours and I youtubed his live. This guy’s voice is seriously something, those high notes, the emotions, everything is just so perfect!


  1. I love him so damn much ;_; such a sad beautiful song this one </3

  2. Thanks for embedding the subbed ver! <3 i have heard this song before when it first came out, but didn't go see the translation. until seeing this now. T.T so sad! i love seung gi! he is just so so nice and good at everything. ^^

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