Posted by: beckery | March 24, 2010

2AM – I Did Wrong MV Part 2

Credit; Princesz60x @ youtube

Finallyyyyyyyyyy!!! Part 2 peoples :D

The instrumental at the beginning is so depressing ;___; Them standing in front of her in a line holding out the flower/weed/plant was so cute, did you see Jinwoon’s grin? *____* I was so bipolar whilst watching this. All depressed at the beginning when they were at the hospital, then I was grinning ear to ear and laughing when they were sneaking out of the hospital, got all depressed again, but the ending was nice. I’m going to assume they got on with their lives? Not much singing in this but the instrumental of “I Did Wrong” is lovely~


  1. as usual… typical of korean drama storyline. the girl must be either dying or related to the guy in some way. doesn’t do it for me… but i agree the instrumental is beautiful.

    • LOOOL. BUT I LOVE KDRAMA CLICHE XDDDDDDDDDDD I’m a sucker when it comes to those no matter how repetitive the storyline is XD

  2. nice instrumental, typical storyline with the dying girl except this time she gets four guys. these people need fresh concepts, seriously orz

    the boys look great, though.

    lol that girl has lots of confidence playing with four guys. lucky? won’t be surprised if she has crazy fangirls after her now XD;;

    • LOL. It’s Korea bb, don’t expect too much from them or you’ll just get disappointed :P The boys look fantastic and the girl is so lucky!

  3. lol storyline is used a lot, but it did depress me, I think I owe it to the instrumental as well, but them sneaking in and out was super cute, what rebels lol

    • I sorta like the ending how they learnt to move on. Rather sweet yes yes? :)

      • yeah that was cute, its like girls wish to be that girl who can change bad boys for the better

  4. Im uberly glad that the first MV makes more sense now though. I watched it and went “huh?! shes dying?!” and it bugged me really badly.

    The dying-girl-and-4-guys idea is ridonkulous, but the other thing that made me ‘wtf’ was how the flowers stayed on her table despite her being gone…

    LOVED that shot where the boys all stuck their head into her room at 3.53 and of them sneaking out (LOL@Kwon stumbling on his hands and knees)

    Also liking the idea that one person can affect others in a positive way. The contrast between the boys attitudes in the beginning of the first one, and at the end of the second mv made me yay!! “STUDY YOUR HEART OUT KWONNIE!!!” xD (Gah…makes me feel bad about procrastinating now)

  5. Why hullo there~ ;)

    *goosebumps* even online sleezy voices give me the heebie jeebies xD

    • Hahaha. The dying girl and 4 hot guys idea is typical Korea so I..guess I wasn’t too surprised. And I think they were trying to portray the fact that she has passed away and it was a sign of respect and remembrance to keep her desk intact and leave flowers there…? Or I could just be bullshitting hahaha. Them sneaking out and doing all those ninja moves were ridiculously adorable!!! LOL. Defs agree with what you said in the ending. I love these boys ;_________;

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