Posted by: lovediaries | March 25, 2010

100325 BEAST @ Mnet M!Countdown

I haven’t actually properly watched a music show since the Gayo Daejuns (wtf, right? They were so long ago) so I’ve admittedly been missing out on a lot of performances. But since tonight BEAST won #1 for the first time on M!Countdown, I thought I’d watch and post :D.

{credit: BigBangSHINeeWorldJP @ youtube}

Embedded their “Shock” perf! I’m pretty much seeing their choreography properly for the first time. Woah, I suck as a fangirl lol. (But know that I’m sacrificing precious sleep time rn to post this keke ^^;;.) Does anyone else think Kikwang’s hear now is so much like Thunder’s old hair? He practically looks like old Thunder!

Despite Holding On – I’m so in love with Hyunseung’s voice you guys :(. I think Yoseob is probably the best singer but it’s Hyunseung that gets me all *____*.

Winning & Encore – Wow. That was so damn close, they won by one point!! Dongwoon like broke down lol. Sort of heartbreaking to see, especially the way the tears just streamed down his cheek ;;. 2AM were really cute, I liked how they were supporting the BEAST members.


  1. i am sooooooooooooo happppyyyyy~~~ i wish they’d win more no.1s on other music shows but i doubt it since snsd is back promoting. but I AM SOOOO HAPPY they won their first!

    hyunseung has the most unique voice amongst the 6. im still struggling to tell their voices apart especially in their studio recordings where effects have been laid on their vocals. i really do love their live versions so much more… (can’t get enough of their radio perfs of Easy).

    dint expect junhyung to be such a crybaby! ;d i love BEAST! my bias for the moment :D

    btw, who do u reckon sang the high notes for “just before shock”? ive a feeling it’s doojoon.

    • You never know, they might be able to win some awards on the coming three shows!

      I think Hyunseung has the most unique voice too. I haven’t been watching enough performances (seriously, the amount I’ve watched you can count on my hands) to be able to tell their voices apart yet, but when I am listening, I usually perk up when it’s Hyunseung’s turn xD. So I really can’t answer you about the high notes yet D: Gimme a bit more time! Hehe.

      And yeah, Junhyung has such a tough exterior but who knew he could have so many tears to cry!? LOL.

  2. Yay! I’ve totally been fangirling Beast since Shock came out. I watched a few clips from their MNet show to learn their names, etc. and they’re so..idk fun! I was smiling like an idiot throughout the whole winning clip. ^oT

    • Hehe do you have a favourite member? Or a member that appeals to you more?

      I figure I’ve been leaving out a lot of groups on this site simply due to laziness so I thought it’d be better if I slowly started posting other groups again ^^;;.

      • Gah don’t make me pick! I’ll admit to a serious DooJoon bias though. He’s really caring on DanBi, a total dork otherwise, and smokin’ hot if I may say so myself. Yoseob is a close second.

        HyunSeung is adorable though. He’s so fierce on stage you’d never expect him to do this v XDD

        • Oh I haven’t been watching Danbi but I have seen some pics and yeah, he looks totally loving :(.

          And awww, that video. Hyunseung seems so shy (and awkward) offstage though, but it’s cute seeing this side of him too :3.

  3. i like Hyunseung’s voice the best too <3
    and magnae surprised me with his singing! i hope he gets more parts from now on ^^
    and i found his breakdown absolutely adorable
    it made me want to squish him <3
    though i usually want to squish the magnae of any group no matter the situation…
    oh the life of a noona…

    • Hi5*. There’s something raspy and sort of hot about it *_*. Dongwoon has a sexy voice too…it’s so deep hehe. Boys crying will forever be my weakness, I wanted to see Hyunseung cry, boo!! xD.

  4. SO BEAST!!!!!
    I’ve been following them ever since they debuted.
    Seeing them win after so much hard work makes me very touched! And super happy.
    And adkajajfnaf they look so good in suits :)
    They definitely improved alot since debut.. :D
    ANd aww, you can see the brotherhood there, like how they hug one another, and doo joon is such a leader too ♥
    Hope Beast will win more awards too!
    These precious boys defintely deserved it ♥♥♥

    • I thought Doojoon looked really good! His body is a good build for wearing suits *___*. And yes I totally agree, I love how he was sorta going around comforting his members :3♥.

  5. Wow, they had certainly been off my radar before, but I like Beast. On another note, exactly what is the news with Han Gen? He’s one of my favorite Suju members…@.@’

    • Well, it’s not exactly news, but he did say he’s off to Hollywood and there have been a lot of photos released of him in LA. He seems to be having the time of his life :(. It really breaks me lol. Am I ever going to get my 13 (15) members together again!?

  6. Sad to say that I’ve never heard of these guys before! (hangs head in shame) But I like what I hear! Thanks for the post!

    I added you to my blogroll, and am looking forward to more!

    • WOAH REALLY!? That’s surprising because I know so many hardcore Beast stans haha. Guess we should post them more.

      And thank you!!

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