Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 25, 2010

After School – Bang! MV

Credit: AznSamManTV @ Youtube


I really like the “marching band” concept; SNSD were cheerleaders for Oh!, now After School are hot marching band girls ;) They all looked so fierce in the mv, omg *____________* GAHEE IS GORGEOUS <333333

I was really confused when I first saw the mv. THE LITTLE GIRLS SCARED ME ;___; I thought they were shrunken After School members, lmao XD. Didn't really understand the runway or the jeans promo bit, but the drumming bit was really cool :)

Mixed feelings about the song. I really liked the last 1/3 of it, but the rest of it just sounded like….a bunch of sounds XD Maybe it'll grow on me after I see a live performance of this, who knows ~



  1. OMG AFTER SCHOOL. GAHEEEEEEE *A* (btw, i didn’t like SNSD’s cheerleader concept. still too “cutesy” for me. but then again i’m biased so yeah.)

    brb have to watch this *Q*

    • Um, I didn’t like “Oh!” :| In fact, I was screaming “OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN” the whole time while I was watching it :P

      • YESSSSSS. Someone who agrees with me! (But i believe we already established that before lol)

        • Media students are too cool for school, yo.

          Btw, what are you doing now that you’ve graduated??

          • 8Db

            …. I seriously have no idea. For now I’m being a full-time fangirl but we all know I can’t do that forever, especially if I have no job to finance all the expenses of this expensive type of obsession. );

            • My cousin (who’s still in highschool) told me that her lifelong goal is to camp outside SuJu’s dorm and wait for them to come home everyday. So you know, if the job thing doesn’t work out, you can do that :P

              Maybe you can try get into journalism? Kpop stars always go to your country, you could interview them 8D

              Speaking of journalism, have you seen Outfoxed? Journalism is a dark, dark business…..

              • LOL XD But I need funds for that!

                I have this issue with journalism in this country so I’m not so sure that would work. :\ My lifelong dream is to become a sought-after photographer so I can have an excuse to order Kpop stars around (jongkey fans will want to stab me with a pencil forever). And media passes are always appreciated. 8Db

                No, I haven’t. Maybe I should. O:

                • Omg you could be the next Annie Leibovitz! I still remember those Disney photos she did a few years ago *____*

                  We’ve had a few guest lecturers who used to work in the journalism business, and last week the former Foreign Affairs Minister came in and did a talk. After hearing all their stories, I really don’t want to work in that field anymore XD It’s sad how most people don’t realise that what they see in the media is always a constructed reality :/

                  Outfoxed is great, you should watch it :) Rupert Murdoch is really manipulative, yes, but I kinda admire the fact that his company owns 75% of all media around the world *_*

  2. THIS IS HOW YOU DO FIERCE WITHOUT BEING ALL BLACK AND WHITE, DUDES. That is the definition of hot there. /o/

    The MV made as much sense as Because of You… which means it made no sense lol. XD but that’s okay because i’m biased and Gahee is so gohjyus and yeah. The little girls were creepy, though. o.o

    Not so sure what I feel about the song, although it’s not so bad. As much as I like AS, I can never understand why they keep adding members lol.

    That aside, they’re all so awesome and wonderful and hawt and that was a nice MV. *___*♥

    • I need that gif of Tyra Banks doing the *fierce* finger flick thing…

      Gahee is gorgeous, sweet, amazing baby *O* SHE IS AWESOME. I’m so glad she’s finally starting to get the recognition she deserves. Somewhere in Japan, Yoochun’s kicking himself for breaking up with her >:D

      I hope no one “graduate” from the group anytime soon :/

      I WANT TO SEE AFTER SCHOOL WORK WITH 2PM AGAIN. I loved their Idol Army ep. :’)

      • LOLOLOL Exactly what I was thinking! Actually, I just recently found out about the Chun-Gahee thing (i know i’m slow orz) and I’m like LOL BOY HOPE YOU SEE YOUR MISTAKE THAR. :D

        IKR? Especially not Gahee. ;A;

        I really should… catch up on all the Idol Army stuff orz But omg Gahee was so awesome when they did Heartbeat. Most of the girl-version-of-boygroup-songs annoyed me like hell but Heartbeat was fierce yeah. Even with the slip-up lol.

        • i meant the Heartbeat perf during sbs gayo daejun, which of course has nothing to do with Idol Army. /notmakingsense


          I loved Gahee’s little shout-out to Jay on her arm ;_; She’s the fiercest girl in kpop, imo. SHE SHOULD BE A MENTOR TO ALL GIRL GROUPS.

          When I first saw the photos of Yoochun and Gahee, I had no idea who she was. Then after the Cassiopeians attacked her when she debuted, I watched a performance I was like “WHY WOULD ANYONE BREAK UP WITH HER?!”. I bet he’s regretting it everyday now :) Or maybe they’re still together…..DUNDUNDUUUNNNNNNNN

          • Thank God I’m not the only one who thought that. I was thinking my extreme dislike for it was probably because I didn’t f(x) at all but… yeah.

            I want to be pretty and awesome like her when I’m 31. ;A;

            LOL Well there’s no reason not to regret! Poor girl has to deal with the crazy fangirls, though. XD

            • I can’t believe Gahee’s 31 already! Girl doesn’t look older than 25 *_* Have you seen that very, very old picture of her and GD? She was gorgeous even back then <3

  3. i cant differentiate nana from lizzy. lizzy sorta reminds me of haelim from wondergirls (haelim looks odd if u ask me) but prettier. nana’s no longer cool n chic…

    the song is a bit run-of-the-mill of any songs with drumline features. but no matter wut, AS is the baddest, sexiest girl group out there! cant wait to see their live!

    • It’s ok, I can only recognise Gahee, Uee and Beckha XDD Haelim is quite young, right? Idk, I saw those pictures of her going to school and she looked like a baby :3

      AS girls are fierce. I can’t wait to see them go on more shows!

  4. They look great!! :)
    The song is good.. I liked the last 1/3 too. But it just like came out of nowhere. Haha. I’m excited to see the live performance… esp since you can’t really see all of the dance in the mv.

    Have you seen the “Let’s Do It” mv?? They are so awesome!!! I’m impressed. :)

    • heyy! do you go to mesa verde? anyway, if you do i might know you; i’m tina quach.

      • Hahaha no I don’t… sorry! There are lots of ppl with my name, it’s kinda sad. Haha I know like 4 other ppl too. Hahaha. :P

    • Thanks, just watched it :D THE DRUMMING IS REALLY COOL *____*

      Haven’t seen their live performance yet :( (ARGH, ASSIGNMENTS) but I bet it was really good! I love how different their concept is this time ~~~~~

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