Posted by: lovediaries | March 25, 2010

ZE:A – All Day MV

Looking at our side widget makes me really depressed because our post count has pretty much gone down by 50-75%. So! I will try put in more effort with updating. I’ve just been losing motivation lately, what with uni taking over my life and the latest Hankyung (Han Geng, now? ._.) news. And I’m also really behind on shows lol :(. So many idol shows I want to be catching up on/watching, like Beast, U-Kiss, ZE:A and T-Ara, just to name a few…

Anyway! Onto the point of this update keke!

{credit: superwira92 @ youtube}

First of all, this song >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”Mazeltov”. I agree with my friend on twitter who said that the beginning sounds like Outsider’s “Loner”. The song is quite pretty, I’m actually really excited to hear the rest of their single-album (it is a single album right?).

Secondly, yay to music videos with plotlines :D. But sorry, I laughed at quite a lot of the scenes :(. Of course the magnae is the one to get the girl, and of course there would be excessive fighting involved. Does anyone know why Junyoung and Dongjun even had a face off at the start of the MV? /is quite confused. I thought Hyungshik looked really good here (at 0.57, 1.33 and that whole fight scene that followed *_*). Would have liked to see even more of him :D. Actually, I would’ve liked to see more of all the members instead of the other mob. I don’t recall seeing Taehun or Siwan at all and I only saw one second of Kwanghee’s bright smile :(.


  1. the song is alright. i can only remember heechul because he’s the only one that i like. the storyline is a lil random… a spin-off of jpn crows zero.

    their 1st mini album totally sucked. at least they have brave brothers on this so that’s some assurance…

    • Yeah I don’t think I listened to their first mini album more than once. I think I liked one song but I can’t even remember the title now D:

      Will pay more attention to this one ^^.

  2. The song is way better than Mazeltov but mainly b/c Mazeltov was total crack…and not the good kind. I never bothered to learn their names after that, but who knows? Maybe I’ll get into them somewhere down the road.

    Confusing plotline is confusing? It could be b/c I can’t tell them apart so it looks like the same person is doing everything…

    • LMAO THAT COULD BE A BIT OF A PROBLEM. Well to me, I think Dongjun got the girl but she was like the ~mafia’s girl~ so that created problems for Dongjun’s friends who all got bashed up while he was out playing around. Dongjun comes back and is all :/ well then, so Junyoung is like :| and then eventually Dongjun comes to his senses and they all fight together against the other bad group? LOL.

  3. This was… just people beating each other up =_=
    Lol, the song is meh.

    • LOL have you listened to Mazeltov? This is definitely better in comparison!

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