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100327 Raising Idol – Key Cuts Subbed

{credit: myz080525 @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3.

Key brings Taemin along to his first meeting with the Executive Chef. By the looks of it, he’s going to be working at an Italian Restaurant. The Chef is really scary though and tells Key off for dressing the way he is D: Poor Taemin even offers to take his accessories off and he’s just there for the food LMAO!! And then the Chef questions (or, interrogates? if you’d like) him and omg I don’t know how he still manages to smile so brightly xD. SO THEN, HE LEAVES LOLOLOL. He has “schedules”. OIC.

After Taemin leaves, Key is given the task of picking up beans with chopstick and putting it into a wine bottle O_O. He actually does it for 30 minutes, omg. He then starts pouring them in…and then a female walks in. She’s quite pretty~~ haha. She offers to help Key with the bean-putting-into-bottle. “If you do that, I will take a picture of you” OMG KEY, YOU ASS LMFAO. Key finds out she’s a Noona (23 yo, Shin Irang) and will be his Cooking teacher!

Key’s first dish will be Eel Salad … D: Irang eventually asks Key why he keeps speaking so informally to her and omg Key T_____T. I don’t know how people put up with you xD. It must be the amazing hair.

The next day, Irang is at the fish market waiting for Key. She waits for over an hour only to have him hop over to her, not at all apologetic, and saying that “All artists are like this”. But ngl, if I was waiting for my date, and he skipped over the way he did, I would forgive him straight away *_*. As they walk through the market, Irang teases Key about no one being able to recognise him XD. So as “revenge”, he threatens to push her into one of the tanks LOL. Omg look at them flirting already :o. They finally find the eels and when it’s time to carry them, Key walks away. OF COURSE HE WOULD LOL.

That night, they are ready to start cooking! KEY LOOKS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE IN HIS CHEF’S UNIFORM :3♥. While cooking, Key suggest they play a word game (that the SHINee members love ^^) and unfortunately Irang loses so Key got to feed her lemon juice ;__; /cringe. Irang then suggest they play again and OF COURSE this time, Key would lose. “Rangmyun is a new product that came out” LMFAO TAKE IT LIKE A MAN, KEY.

They showed some footage of him cooking and even finishing his dish but…that was the end of his cuts :(.


  1. lol. Key is so evil. >:D

    • He is XDD. And lol bb I love your username.

  2. Whoa the chef guy is scary. I loled for real when Taemin suddenly had schedules then ran back for his bracelet.

    I feel like Key is playing up his divatastic attitude to make the show more interesting. It wouldn’t be as fun with a quiet obedient little student who is not Dongho. We all know he’s a sweet kid, I just hope other viewers don’t misunderstand. The fact that he looks too cool for school all the time doesn’t help either.

    • I was waiting for him to crack a smile or a joke but he didn’t :((.

      And I agree! Like while watching, there were some bits where I thought ‘lol omg this is so scripted’. I agree with you, I hope viewers don’t take this the wrong way, since some people seemed sorta DDD: when they found out he was the reason Nicole’s been losing weight.

  3. !!!! key.. i cant take this show, getting crazy jealous of irang! hahaha. jk.

    taemin looks so adorable and key’s hair is just AMAZING!!! i love his hair like that! if only taem stayed on.. haha it would be so cute!

    • YES. KEY’S HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL IN THIS. I was getting so distracted by it !

  4. lol oh key. The problem with him is that his attitude may send the wrong message towards some. Even I sometimes was like, “…um key, wth?”. Of course, he’s really adorable and fun so I forgive him. I guess Irang is perfect for Key cause she puts up with him well.

    lol he does have amazing hair…and makeup<3 he looks mighty good.

    • Yeah I did too! But I also realised a lot is probably scripted so it’s okay~ His hair only gets better on this show from the caps I’ve seen *_*

  5. I wouldn’t mind getting fed/ feeding key lemon juice. dammit, i’m soo jealous. i should learn to cook and then take irang’s place. ( :

    but the way he skipped was so cutee, ahh! taemin & key look super smokin these days, and their fashion sense went totally up!

    the chef guy kinda looks like my dad… aigo.

    • I wouldn’t too *___*. I’m happy to see Taemin visits in the next Ep again :D. He’s probably a regular guest haha!

      And loool are you intimidated by your dad then? xP.

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