Posted by: lovediaries | March 30, 2010

Zuno – Nothing to Lose (Let Me Go) MV

{credit: AsianMusicVideoHD @ youtube}

This came out a yesterday (couple of days ago now since it’s past 12 keke) but I haven’t really had the energy to procrastinate until now~ I think it’s time I use Zuno tag instead of Junho lol :(. As much as I’d hate to.

JUNHO *______________________*. HE IS SO GOOD LOOKING AND TALL AND BIG. I doubt the other people in the MV are short but he still managed to tower over everyone. The song is pretty good! I like it more than I expected. It’s very Cpop, but to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll be able to put it on repeat because his accent, though decent, is still pretty off =.=”. I wonder how well he’ll do in the Chinese market. His acting (at the start) and dancing was a little awkward and stiff at times, but I’m still really impressed! Especially because I always see Junho as someone sort of shy but it seems he’s been coaxed out of his shell~ The training definitely has paid off!

I was so excited when I saw the flashy lightbulb sign with “JUNHO” above the shop behind where Junho was dancing; only, at the end, the sign came off and another one of neon lights came on with ‘ZUNO” :((. It’s clever though. Sorta like Zuno is more modern and more durable … /over-analysing.


  1. dint like it. pretty blahs… he looks a lot of junsu here. i always thought they looked nothing alike. his chinese diction is… =_= the girl is awful. the mv is =_= too… feels like they use the same set for taeyang n brian n hyuna…

    • Omg I totally agree with you on the set similarities! I felt like I was watching Taeyang or Brian’s mvs =.=

    • Aww but debut MVs are always blahs looool. Minus SHINee, I think they had the best debut song/cutest MV/hottie Victoria as main girl. Plus, it’s not exactly Junho’s (I refuse to say Zuno haha) fault. I guess his Chinese company isn’t a major one? Hence the lack of funding. Now, gimme a Junho and Junsu duet *___*

      • His company’s Chinese? I thought he was with a Korean management company…? Idk, all the people in the mv were Korean O_O Meh

        YES, KIM TWINS DUET ASAP. Either that or a dance-off. I’m not picky :)

        • Nah pretty sure its some Chinese company….Bias Ent? ROFL. Or something stupid like that.

          • You were close….it’s Bai Shi which, get this, is the Chinese word for PEPSI XD LOL Pepsi Ent. XDDDD I wonder if it has anything to do with the drink….hmmmm

            • Bai Shi..? Really? Everywhere I look it says Bias Ent. Lol but then we all know how reliable akp etc is so meh. He would probably do ads for Pepsi then I guess….with 2AM lol.

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