Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 1, 2010

JaeJoong’s AnAn Photoshoot Preview

Credit: Dirah9311 @ Youtube



Damn I’ve forgotten how gorgeous he is *____*

I love that bit of him on the couch kicking his feet :333 And his hair when he was wearing those striped pants, omg DIES. I HAVE A FEELING THAT THIS WHOLE SHOOT WILL LOOK REALLY NICE, SHINY AND AMAZING.

I’m really tempted to order this now. But last time I ordered a magazine just for the photoshoot (DBSK’s Style one!) I flipped through the magazine once and put it under my bed to gather dust XD;;; MUST EXERCISE SELF-CONTROL.


  1. I was so worried he would do a Jin-style shoot too. lol Fully clothed and not a lady in sight. Whoo!

    • Argh, I think Jin’s photoshoot scarred me for LIFE. IT WAS SO BAD ;________; Yamapi’s was pretty :@ too, actually. Kame’s shoot looked like a girl-girl shoot, cos he’s so skinny T__T

      I saw in that video that Miura Haruma was featured in an issue? MUST GO HUNT DOWN NOW.

  2. Ohh I’m liking the quality. He looks good~<3
    lol he needs to eat though…not eating for a day for this shoot = bad.

    I wouldn't have minded a sex issue but he's sexy enough with his clothes on so he doesn't need it. I like the hair when it was teased as well :D

    • He looks nicer with poofy hair :3

      I don’t understand why AnAn always has to use foreign models for their sex issue =.= I wouldn’t have minded a shirtless JJ, but if he did what Jin did….yea, let’s not picture that XD

      They need to take regular tea/lunch breaks in between takes :( I’d gladly visit the set to give him cookies :D

      • Yup poofy hair = sexay. Just give him that hair..all the time. Flat hair just makes him gloomy looking/old for some reason.

        lol Kimura Takuya’s was way sexier than Jin’s. But, It was actually more artistic and the chemistry w/the model was visible while Jin’s was more ‘yeah sex. there you go’ kind of feel.

        I honestly don’t get the Caucasian model part too. Maybe cause if it’s a Asian model, they relate too much and feel jealous? And Asians tend to stereotype that White people are not interested in Asia so they won’t have that kind of ‘feeling’.

        I get that a lot and I’m half Japanese -_-. They’re just like “WTF they have japanese stuff in America? HOW DO U KNOW ALL THIS.” kind of thing lol.

        me too. I’ll drag Jae to Korean BBQ along with Tsumabuki Satoshi and Miura Haruma, those poor skinny guys.

        • He looks dull with flat hair. And it also makes his head look really big :/

          Everything that KimuTaku does is perfect, seriously. The man can do no wrong *_*

          Jin’s issue looked like p0rn. It was so *out there* and had no artistic vibe to it whatsoever :/ The behind the scenes stories are quite funny though :P

          Idk, Japan likes foreign models :S I read Vivi and they only use foreign/mixed models…. Maybe Anan uses Caucasian models cos Asian people tend to think that White girls are more “open”?

          Lol it’s really funny, I did this course for a semester, and on the last day when I spoke Chinese to the guy next to me, he jumped out of his seat and went “OMG YOU SPEAK CHINESE?!?!?!?!” =____________=;;;;;

          Miura Haruma :Q___________________ I’d like to join you at that BBQ :)

          • Totally. They should just layer his hair and stop with the mushroom lol. Kimutaku is the epitome of perfection. He does everything so…amazing. I still don’t like his wife though haha. Jin’s issue just looked sleazy. Even YamaPi had a better one. I never looked at behind the scenes…maybe I should.

            I recently enjoyed some Sakurai Sho ones<3 So lovely. His nice butt 8D. But yeah Vivi prefers models who have very Caucasian features.

            But some of the models now are Japanese and have Western features. And Fujii Lena is quarter American. I remember the Japanese girls ranting on about how, "White girls have a small face, long legs, big eyes, and high nose."

            lmao I sometimes get stares from Japanese people wondering how I speak the language. Or they'll speak English to me…when I'm speaking to them in Japanese.

            Totally<3 ahh I want to be in that hair cm with Oguri Shun, Eita, Tsumabuki Satoshi, and Miura Haruma now XD.

            • I don’t know who his wife is….who is she?? Lol I just know that she was an ex-pop star. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT MAN HAS KIDS!! I want my future husband to age like Kimutaku *__* Wait, no, I want my future husband to age like HYDE! THAT MAN DOES NOT AGE, OMG.

              One worker on the Anan-Jin shoot said that he saw an “eggplant” when Jin got up to use the bathroom ^^;;;

              Vivi models aren’t very tall though, are they? Idk, I read somewhere that Lena was only 164 or something.

              OGURI SHUN !!!! He was recently in that drama with Miura Haruma, wasn’t he?? The one that Jin’s BFF (can’t remember his name ><) also starred in.

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