Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 1, 2010

Lee Hyori – Swing MV

Credit: girroxx123 @ Youtube

Totally unexpected!!!

I thought that the first mv she’d release would be for an upbeat song with hot choreography and lots of revealing outfits XD

I didn’t really understand the mv (I think I’m gonna have to watch it again when it’s subbed) but my interpretation is this: The clown is Hyori in front of the public (which is why, when the clown looked into the mirror, she saw Hyori) but then she gets sick of putting on an image, so in the end the clown mask was taken off and left in the water. Makes sense? *I* think so 8D

Good for Hyori for trying something new. I really like the jazzyness of this song *O* I don’t know if releasing something as avant-garde as this mv will be effective for album promotion…but apparently this isn’t her comeback song, so maybe her comeback song will have a more exciting mv :D?

The clown needs to go. IT FREAKED ME OUT SO BAD ;___; I have a phobia of clowns ._____.


  1. Wow I was expecting U Go Girl pt.2 or something. I think the fact that Hyori would do something like this shows how much of a veteran she really is. I love it. <3
    I'm going to go with your interpretation of the MV b/c I couldn't quite figure it out. Awesome as it is, I can understand why she wouldn't want to comeback with this song.-.-

    • SO WAS I.

      I can’t remember how this song goes (though I have only just watched it once). Something like U Go Girl would be much more effective. But kudos to her (or her management) for trying something new ~

  2. I love it. =)

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who does ;)

  3. i like the swayyy of the song. but i really don’t like clowns… ever since watching IT *shudders* i hope hyori does well on her comeback cos she’s my favourite female solo artist :D

    • Clowns are scary with scary makeup DDD: I can’t remember the movie, but the clown in there was evil and that’s what triggered my Clown-phobia ;__;

  4. ummm…how can the clown be hyori???
    the lyrics are about love and a broken heart

    the clown actually symbolises an ex boyfriend who dumped/cheated on her =/

    • Yeaa…..see, I wrote that before a translation of the lyrics were released, so it seemed like the only logical explanation ;)

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