Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 2, 2010

Rain – Love Song MV

Credit: AMFandre2 @ Youtube

Is it possible to fit shirtless dance scenes, gladiator tops and sparkly boots into a ballad mv? YES IT IS.

Lol I was expecting something really sad and melodramatic, but trust Rain to turn a sad song into a display of his abs. Though I’m sure it was purely done for artistic reasons :P Having said that, I think we all need to just pause and appreciate how wonderfully sculpted Rain’s upper body is *O*

I’m sure the plot is very, very sad, but um, I didn’t pay any attention to the story cos I got distracted by Rain’s muscles and his shiny boots XD

I really like this song! Is this one of the ones that Rain wrote himself? If it is, then nice work, Rain :D Now write some nicer songs for MBLAQ, kthx ;)

The fake bottom eyelashes must go :/


  1. Yes!!
    Bottom fake eyelashes MUST GO.

    Everything else otherwise is pretty good.

    Rain in white singlet… MMMMM.. HOT!!!

    =p =p

    • Rain is always in a white singlet. Well, in my mind he is anyway :P

      No one else can rock a white singlet as well as him (though Jay came very, very close)

  2. Yes Rain, we get it. You have a hot body. But what does pelvic thrusting have to do with being sad?

    Also, did anyone other than me notice how sexual he is getting? Like really first: “Inside you is my magic stick twirling” now he’s on top of his girlfriend.

    On a good note: I really like the casual clothes he’s wearing. Not the gladiator stuff.

    • IKR! I totally didn’t expect there to be any dancing in the mv XD But whatever, I enjoyed it :P

      Omg I didn’t not know those were the lyrics!! NO WONDER IT WAS BAD.

      The gladiator stuff makes me giggle :3

  3. ^ agreed. I honestly think Rain doesn’t need that sex appeal to sell well. I actually liked the song by itself, so he didn’t need those actual ‘sexy’ moves. He does have an amazing body though<3 that just satisfies my eyes. But I disliked his sparkly outfit…

    His smile is SOOO CUTE T_T. I want rain to cradle me and smile at me like that.

    • Lol when they first showed the sparkly shoes, I was like OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME XDDDDD But yea, the whole outfit just looked really out of place in a BALLAD =.=

      I really like this song! I like Rain’s husky voice :3

      And yes, Rain has one of the cutest smiles EVAR. I’m glad he didn’t get plastic surgery :)

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