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OB GYN Doctors Subbed Ep 15&16

Last OB GYN post guys :(. The drama ended at Episode 16. I’ve been putting off watching Ep 16 (it’s been so long I’ve forgotten what happens in Ep 15 omg alskdjfaksjd) but I think it’s time I face the reality that THIS WONDERFUL AMAZING DRAMA IS OVER ;_;.

I have no idea why but some links on viikii are “broken”. I’m not sure what they mean or when they’ll be fixed so I’ll put in the Chinese Subbed videos if anyone wants those instead. (Actually the Ep 16 links aren’t working right now either alkdfjjds ;___;)

Ep 15 Chinese Subbed

Ep 15 English Subbed

Ep 16 English Subbed

I removed the link to Ep 16 Chinese subbed because the subs only go for half the episode before they direct you to another site where you need to install some player and I don’t like it cause there were porn ads there :(((. Why did they do that?? ;__;.

I finally managed to finish the drama though, after installing the viikii desktop thingy that the website links you. The videos only started playing after I downloaded that, so if it’s not working for you guys, install whatever they tell you to!! I don’t want to spoil the end for anyone so I’ll leave my thoughts under the cut along with the BTS photos!

Please don’t hotlink! Though I don’t imagine anyone would for these photos haha ^^;;.

So as predicted, Sangshik and Hyeyoung get together! I thought how they finally got together was a bit abrupt though. Like it had been building up so well and then THINGS happened, Sangshik was a little cool, then the next thing you know he’s putting a ring on her finger DD:. I think everything about their relationship was perfect up until then because there was hardly anything of a love confession and I am a killer for those :((. But why am I complaining, they still got together!!! “Well continue on like this and the one who can’t stand it anymore will have to pack up” was the best thing Hyeyoung has said in the entire drama xD. The kiss was really sweet and Sangshik blushing straight after was absolutely adorable T__T.

Kyungwoo and Youngmi were hilarious even up until the last episode. I don’t know why they had to go to a Motel when they were getting married a week later anyway. I love how they just got drunk and fell asleep anyway. (JOONGKI HAS BIG FEET YOU GUYS. LIKE, SO SO BIG.) Their wedding was so cute too, how Kyungwoo rushed down halfway through delivery and then had Youngmi kiss him before getting changed. I want to marry him too, grrr.

I really am so so sad this drama is over :(. It’s possibly my favourite Korean drama. I loved that there were no “evil/bad” guys, yet there was still so much drama. They’re talking about making a sequel and I really hope they do. Even with a whole new cast, I don’t think I would mind. My favourite story would still be the Harlequin baby one. That one broke so many hearts and what the father did was so so touching. A lot of these cases are based on rl stories, actually, so I wonder if that one happened in rl too. What about you guys, which case was your favourite? ^^


  1. heyyy. i finished the show today too.. i cant believe its overrr. 16 eps is not enough!

    i’m gonna miss all the heartwarming stories and adorable kids in the show. its dramas like these that can really touch our hearts..

    my fave has got to be the Harlequin baby story too. i cried alot :'( the dad loves his child so much even though he couldnt even hold him.

    i thought the one where the woman who got a heart transplant could feel “her” baby nearby was really good too, but i wonder if that happens in real life..

    • The ending was clearly rushed, they really should’ve spread it out to 2-3 more eps, at least ;_;.

      I was wondering the same thing too! Scientifically, I don’t think it’s possible because the heart belongs to a dead person and so all the feelings of that person can’t be carried over. But I mean, miracles can happen :).

  2. i super duper love this drama to the core. have nvr seen one like this in my entire kdrama. i wish they had make it longer and all. i mean i wanna to know about hyeyoung baby. and is he going to meet her after coming back from the us.

    my favourite was the harlequin baby too! i cried like a waterfall!!!

    @chul i think i heard cases where if you receive transplants you actually can feel what the donor feel. very heartbreaking.

    (4th april – saengilchukae hyukkie anchovy :) )

    • Yes, yesterday was Hyuk’s bday! Keke Luna wrote him a card, it was so cute :3.

      I think everyone (including the actors) cried waterfalls during the episodes of the Harlequin baby. Seriously very touching ;__;.

      And yes, everyone is dying to know what’ll happen to Hyeyoung’s baby. When I first started watching the drama, I actually thought she would miscarry :o.

  3. T________________________T

    the end of a great drama ;o;
    they couldve make the last episode into.. 2 episode imo *rofl* but yeah~ anyways~ the last episode was just cuuute XD and i’m glad she didnt say YES immediately (makes me hope that there’s gonna be a 2nd season xP puahah!! ) but the kissing scene was so adorable XDDD

    youngmi and kyungwoo! omg! that pair! joongkiiiii <3 when he entered the hall.. and asked youngmi for a kiss hahahahaha!!! such a kid XD

    and i agree with sarina~ i really wanna know what happens to hyeyoungs baby too @.@

    oh im gonna miss this drama so much ;o;

    • Yes, the end of a not very long journey of watching this drama ;;. If she had said yes immediately, it would’ve been out of character, so I’m really happy there wasn’t ever a drastic change in the personality of these characters. Everything was very consistent :D.

  4. *nod* *nod* agree! :3
    and i forgot to mention that.. I LOVE dr. wang in this episode XDDD (i think its the first time that I actually want the main actors to get together ^^;; ) but dr. wang really did a great job in being the best friend :3

    • i love dr. wang too!! not only in this ep, but the whole show. i was actually shipping and hyeyoung.. haha.

      wanna watch more of his shows.. hope they cast him in more..

      oh and i thought the story about the teenage girl who “allowed” herself to get raped was also quite good. she had such a troubled background but no one understood until she told hyeyoung on the roof. cried alot for that too!

      • Ah yes! That story was really sad. I thought Hyeyoung was so kind to her as well :'(.

    • I thought he was such a considerate friend! He kept helping Sangshik throughout even though his heart still belonged to Hyeyoung~ So sweet :33

  5. omg im finally here!! I disappeared for quite some time huh ): sch’s been hectic and then exams, but now im freed and finally got to finish this drama !!!

    Omg perfect ending. kyungwoo and youngmi are so so so so so cute :D they are such a cute couple whee.

    And of course, hyeyoung and sangshik finally got together :D Haha i love that character of sangshik so much!! But it deviates from reality, no? :p how can such a nice doctor exist… lol.

    And even though I feel so bad about jaesuk(he’s such a cutie and is so nice too) , but I guess i still preferred sangshik xD

    Argh now that this drama has ended, Im sure I’ll feel pretty empty T.T

    and those pics you embedded are so precious adkadad :D

    thanks for posting all these while! (:

    • Hey bb! I’m glad you finally caught up! As you can probably see, I haven’t been posting/watching another drama since OB GYN. It left such a big impact on me NOTHING CAN EVER COMPARE ;_;.

      The ending was rushed but I think it was sweet~ And definitely a happy one. But I’d love for a sequel to come about, I really hope it happens ;;.

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