Posted by: beckery | April 4, 2010

Listen to…T-ara & Supernova – TTL3 (JP)

Credit: MllkteaXD2 @ youtube

The song is for their Gusto CF, apparently. Its called TTL3 or JP? Lol I’m not too sure about the details but whatever, I like the song :D

I think, I just have a general weakness towards TTL and their remixes haha. TTL was probably one of my favourite songs from 2009 and although TTL2 wasn’t as awesome in my books, I loved it aswell. And now comes TTL3 and I LIKE IT TOO ^___^ hahaha. You get to hear more of Supernova, which is great and seriously, they could have pulled the song off with another title cuz it barely sounds like TTL. I love the chorus, “Come on its time to love”~ I want more T-Nova collabs please :3


  1. yup! i also like it
    It’s great
    Is this the HQ ver. of the song?
    I can’t find it lol

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