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100323 SHINee @ Hello Baby Ep10

You know, at first, when I found out there was going to be an Ep 12 and another special after that, I was pretty happy because I had expected HB to end after Ep 11. But now, the more I think about it, the more ripped off I feel. I really was hoping for a 22 episode Reality show, or something like that ;__;. Especially because this episode really picked up from the last few eps and now I’m desperate for more SHINee. I don’t know when we’ll next get another variety show with all 5 members on together like this. Aw, why am I thinking over this now, I should save the emo-ing for the last ep since apparently one of the members cry a river T_____T.

{credit: sfineee @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

I went even more crazy with caps in this ep than I did with the last; under the cut :).

SHINee are off on a vacation with Yoogeun!

Jonghyun fail-flirts with a passenger on the subway.

When they finally arrive in Paldang, they realise the place Onew rented (well, it’s a rumour he rented the place~) is 4km away which is a 30 minute walk.

They skip stones near the river. Jonghyun fails.

And Onew pawns.

Jonghyun suggests they take photos and Minho and Yoogeun act out Titanic on the boat.

Back at the Pension, they play games to determine who’s going to cook.

Onew’s so cute T_T. He doesn’t get a turn but wants one anyway. Jonghyun immediately jumps up and offers to play with him…

Only to turn all creepy onto Onew.

Onew loses and is a mm away from falling over and onto Yoogeun. He avoids doing so with his ninja skills while having his arms twisted by Taemin in the process.

They cook and I perv on Minho.

Though Jonghyun was on the winning team, he goes out and cooks anyway because he says he likes cooking meat. I found this very attractive, probably another weird kink of mine. I don’t know, I’m so used to Jonghyun being bratty that when he does something “out of the ordinary”, I find it 100x hotter than is normal. Onew brings some of the cooked meat in for the babies.

Eventually they’re all eating but it’s too quiet so Taemin suggests they play a game where they swap their ages. Basically, Taemin is now the “oldest” (well, after Yoogeun) and Onew the “youngest”. Onew complains about eating spicy peppers and gets told off by Minho.

Taemin asks for his hyungs to pour him water. He then asks Jonghyun to eat his cup. This was so much win lmfao.

Onew is still suffering from the pepper when Yoogeun comes in playing with money and he dramatizes the whole scene, lmfao. Why is he like this!?

Then they play another game. Let’s sit back and admire their jawlines *_*.

They all eye each other because whoever loses has to wash the dishes. Onew actually ends up with a mouthful of garlic and peppers but because he keeps a straight face, they let him pass. But omg, the poor thing, everyone’s smelling his breath and jumping 10 miles away, yet he still manages to play innocent T___T.

Is he not the cutest eater in the world? :3


  1. its always nice to see all members of a group together. i miss DBSK as 5… now that THSK is halting all group activities too.. *sighs* heartbreaking!

    i wonder who cries a river thou? im guessing its jonghyun? heh…

    • Agree. I’ve been pretty depressed since I found out the news but Hello Baby was able to distract me for a while ;~;.

      I thought maybe Jonghyun too because he’s a cry baby but I’m guessing Key, actually. Just because, well, he’s the next biggest crier of SHINee and he was a really good father to Yoogeun ;;.

      • ahaha… onew eating is really cute! key crying a river… hm… maybe. he seems to be pretty emotional too. we shall wait n see! :)

        • I just read the article on Sookyeong and now alkdfjkds I’m thinking maybe it’s Minho who cried a river LOL cause the article was saying the member formed a deep attachment to Yoogeun and since Minho was there for every ep….OMG IDK IM GONNA CRY I JUST KNOW IT :((.

  2. i really wonder who it is who cried! :( i really think it’ll either be key or minho just cos ontaemjong dont seem THAT attached too yoogeun yet (compared to keyho)

    ahh whoever that cries, i know my heart will break anywayss. :( SHAWOLS around the world are gonna be shedding tears too!

    • Both Key and Minho did T_T But they didn’t show it? I think they were just teary in front of the camera. Idk, I’m scared to watch it lol, sfi can take their time subbing that ep haha.

  3. no ofence but your comments are very weird and sound like a stalker…but still funny ^_^

    • lol…okay um thank you?

  4. woo…I really want to know when will u do some caps out of ep11 and 12, cuz i can’t wait for any longer, hope u will do it. Thanks in advance:)

    • Sorry! I’ve just had time to watch Ep 11 but I didn’t have time to make caps. I’ll definitely do Ep 12 and the final Ep because they’ll come out after my exams. Sorry you’ve been waiting for them :(((.

  5. I 1 to become a baby !! Ah Yoogenu so cute and lucky cos have good Appa take care. ONew oppa u cry so cute hee hee…..! i like eat chicken same u. all Appa is good 1 2 become yr baby:).
    saranghae Appa.

    • Yoogeun is really lucky lol I hope he realises when he grows up!

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