Posted by: lovediaries | April 9, 2010

100408 Kyuhyun Cuts @ Sukira

Leeteuk injured himself during rehearsal (I think it was) so people have been filling in for him on Sukira. First it was Onew (!!!!) and Hyoyeon was a guest but I don’t think anything too exciting happened. I’ve only seen photos and two cuts of Onew paying close attention to Hyoyeon when she speaks, but she’s only ever looking at Hyuk LOL.

{credit: usmexycutie @ youtube}

Anyway, Kyu had his turn on Sukira and alsdjflkdsj he performed a very short version of “7 Years of Love” and covered Brown Eyed Soul’s “Memories As Much As Love”. Both are beautiful and enough to leave me shaking and crying :(. Does anyone know who’s playing the guitar? Because “7 Years of Love” sounds really good with it, and whoever is playing it looks really hot *_*. (Someone suggested Jungmo? But I can’t be too sure …). As for the duet, the girl performing with Kyu is called Beige, but I have no idea who she is D: Her voice is really nice though! It sounds great with Kyu. They need a full or official duet, omg.

Download Kyu & Beige’s audio cut HERE.


  1. I watched a few seconds (it lagged and didn’t work) of Sukira live on Monday night – Onew with Eunhyuk >.< but when EunHae were on, I had to work on a project :( they were so cute from the pictures I've seen though :))
    Kyuhyun's radio time seemed more interesting since he sang a few songs ^^ and yeah I think the guitarist is Jungmo *o*
    anyways, Kyu sounded so good with that girl (Beige?). Reallllly want an mp3 of it or something!

    • I listened to Onew’s DJing and he sang like 24 seconds of another Sung Si Kyung song (they love that man so much lmfao).

  2. I missed the live streaming of kyu cos the nice person who streams it was having bad internet connection and she prefers teuk anyway. :(

    BUT IT’S OKAY. because i just made an impulse buy and i’m going to korea this saturday to visit friends on exchange there. I’m so psyched. I can’t wait to go watch them at the studiooo!!

    @edenzer, i actually have the mp3. i have no idea where i found it from, but i think it was linked from one of the vids of kyu singing. Do you want it? I can email it to you if you pass me your email.

    • Omg, jealous forever :(((. Pack me in your suitcase!

  3. @edenzer Oh. oops. sorry :| I realised i downloaded the video cut, not the mp3. :|

  4. @jeann OOH in that case, it’s okay, thank you anyways! ^^
    I think I will just try to find the download link (mp3) that’s with kyu’s singing video :)

    • are you two right…? Lol if you want, I can upload the audio cut I made? I only cut his duet though hehe.

  5. can you email me the audio cut too?

    i really love this song <3 <3

    kyuhyun has such a nice voice. especially since its live, its really really awesome.


    • Ah, sorry for the late reply, I’ll upload the audio link and put it into the post :).

      • YAY! exciting stuff! :) Thank you!!

        • OMG THAT WAS RIDICULOUSLY FAST LOL. The cut is in the post. Sorry I took so long to respond!

          • xD haha, exams are over so i’m on my laptop forever and i have comment email updates. ;)

            I saw Beige in Korea! When I went to catch Sukira live. but oh man, it’s really so much harder to see than all those fan taken photos led me to believe it would be. BUT AHHHHH, THEY WAVED AT ME!! :D:D:D:D *dies forever*

            • ah that’s clever :D. congrats on finishing exams.


              • thanks, i’m really so pleased exams are over and the summer’s all before me. i really feel the older i get the more i can’t remember how to study. :|

                AND YES, TOOK MANY PHOTOS! but all so grainy!! it’s kinda depressing. i have such fail photo-taking skills. there were these other fangirls there with HUGEEEEEE telephoto lenses and DSLRs snapping away like, 5 shots per second. i felt so inferior. BUT I SAW THEM ANYWAY, like, 10 METRES AWAY FROM ME.

                You must must must visit Korea one day if you can, it’s really so easy to catch them at Sukira. I saw Jungmo too, have an unflattering shot of him. heh. And there was one day Donghae was supposed to guest too? But it got cancelled! :(((

                • Omg I’m loling so hard at your description of the other fangirls. Well I mean it explains why fan taken photos are often better than official photos!!! They must have a lot of money, buying cameras like those. And aww bb, there was no need to feel inferior.

                  But I don’t even know where the radio station is. I don’t know where anything is lmao. How would I know where to go even if I do get to go to Korea? ;__;.

                  • xD haha, but really! some of those fangirls were really hardcore! :D

                    anyway, yeah, it was kinda scary I left for korea with no idea. but i have a super nice Korean friend who called up the operator and helped me find out, and then it’s quite well-known i guess cos all the people along the way that I asked directed me to the right place too.

                    the funniest was when i finally got to KBS and the building is HUGE so i was confused, so i asked the security guard where it was, and he had this long-suffering face, like BILLIONS of fangirls ask him all the time or smth and he pointed it out to me. :D i can email you directions if you ever go!

                    • It’s always assuring when you have friendly people to help you. I’m glad you had a good time and I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I do get a chance to go. Thank you :)!

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