Posted by: lovediaries | April 10, 2010

Listen to … Joo – Turn Around

{credit: 919urnobody @ youtube}

YOU GUYS, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY SINCE FOREVER. Joo fans, come out wherever you are!!!! Seriously, do you guys understand how happy I am? It’s been so long.

This track is a ballad, and though she still has that slightly strained feeling going on, I still really like her voice. Actually, that’s probably why I like her voice haha. It’s from the Cinderella Sister OST, btw. I hope this means a Comeback can be expected soon ;~;. Her appearance in 2AM’s “A Friend’s Confession” was so misleading, but this should be a good sign, right?


  1. She improved a lot and sounds good =]. She does sound strained in some parts but it’s not too noticeable.

    I actually love Cinderella’s Sister the most right now. Everything’s just perfect<3. Now, if I could get a hold of the main guy XD. He's so cute.

    • I haven’t seen anything from Cinderella Sister D: Of all the dramas, I’ve seen screencaps from Oh My Lady and watched 20 minutes of Personal Taste xD.


    As much as a strained voice means she still needs more practice I’ll just chalk it up to showing emotions in her singing because I like her ohoho

    Anyway, I like the song

    • ABOUT TIME!!!

      And yeah, maybe she’s really sad and pained to sing about such lyrics…(whatever the lyrics are).

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