Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 13, 2010

Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV

Credit: girroxx123 @ Youtube

Now this is more like what I expected :DDD

Interesting/great/cool mv, but the whole thing gave me a Lady Gaga vibe: the hair, the costumes, the glasses, the weirdness of it all.

Actually, the start of the mv reminded me of District 9. I think the UFO did it. But then when Hyori and her backup dancers came out, I was like “omg how did she clone Lady Gaga??” :P. And that scene where she wore that yellow jacket with the feathers in her hair? I was reminded of Big Bird…..

But whatever, Hyori is fierce and I’m so glad she came back with such a huge mv. I can’t wait to see her do a live performance of this. Will the Big Bird jacket make an appearance???!! I hope so.


  1. its a huge mv, yes. but felt kinda tricked. so much hoohah but no real impact.. ?

    the song kinda sounds like u-go girl too. but i do love her new album. all the songs sound really solid n i like the genre she’s chosen to do this time around.

    • I love the song featuring Daesung!! It’s such a sweet song, and it’s nice to see them continuing their FO relationship ~ I also like the song featuring Beckha from AS and that girl from 4 Minute, the beat is awesome :)

      Hmm yea, big budget mv, but it didn’t leave that much of an impression. Like I said, the whole thing just gave me a lady gag vibe :/

  2. They killed Big Bird. ;A;

    But seriously wtf was she wearing? And is this Attack of the Lady Gaga Clones? I love Hyori but the mv was kind of disappointing. D:

    Nice song, though.

    • Ikr, her stylist must’ve watched too many eps of Sesame Street and like, idk, wanted to bring Big Bird to life or something.

      Attack of the Lady Gaga Clones, LOL. One Lady Gaga is enough for the world.

  3. I loved it <3
    always a big fan of fierceness!

    • No one else in Kpop does fierceness quite like Hyori (though Kwon comes close…)

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