Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 13, 2010

Jay Park – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

Credit: JayParkAOM @ Youtube


LOL AT HIM CREEPING UP AT THE START. Oh Jay, such a special boy, never change <3

This is such an old song, I wonder why he chose it? Everytime I hear this, I think of a movie….but I can’t remember which movie =.=;;;

Tbh, I find it kinda sad that, while the rest of 2PM are preparing for a comeback (April 22nd!!!), Jay’s uploading youtube videos of himself singing in front of his fireplace :/ But something big’s gonna happy for this boy, I just know it :’)

Which song would you like to see him cover next? I think he should cover Justin Bieber “Baby”. It’s such a catchy song, but argh it irritates me so much XDD


And yes, I’m going to use my 2PM tag for this post >D


  1. never fails to put a smile on my face :D

    plus its my bday today! lovely present from a guy who shares the same name. hahahaha ;d

    • p/s. i am actually glad that he left the life of an idol. cos now, he’s that much closer to us, his fans n supporters. n much happier (i hope) :D

    • Awww happy birthday :DD!!! hope you got lots of cool presents :)

      Jay looks a lot more relaxed now (though he still looks really skinny =.=). I hope he’s happy ^____^

  2. Oh the movie is “Ten Things I Hate About You” I think. I remember Heath Ledger singing his heart out on that one in the movie haha.

    • I REMEMBER THAT NOW. He was like, running up and down the bleachers, yea????

  3. oh this boy is just hilarious <3
    the start made my day XD~ such a random boy kekeke~
    I'm glad he's enjoying uploading ytvids :3 i truly have to listen to Justin B 'baby' ^^;; everyone's talking about it XD

    • Lol bb where have you been hiding?? Justin Bieber’s Baby is EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I can’t turn on the radio/walk into a store without hearing it XD

      • hahah XDDD ikr? *rofl* i was in the tram when an ‘old’ guy (~40 something) was sitting next to me and i heard something like ‘baby baby baby uuh’ and then it got stuck in my head and was singing it when my sister and i got out and my sister was like ‘huh? why do you have that song in your head all of the sudden’
        me: ‘the man there was listening to it’
        sister: ‘isnt that biebers song?’
        me: ‘whaat??? i thought it was a girl singing!’


        he’s awesome XD

  4. Aww. Jay! <3

    I love this song…and coming from him makes it that much sweeter… This just made my day that much better. I'll always love and support him!

    P.S The creeping at the beginning was so cute.

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