Posted by: lovediaries | April 14, 2010

Beast – Say No MV

{credit: AznSamManTV @ youtube}

This is my favourite Beast song ;_;. I watched this during lunch on my phone. Brb, watching for a second time in HQ.

CRYING A RIVER RIGHT NOW :(((((((((((. I finally no why and who is meant to be “saying no”. Omg, my heart is fully breaking, the lyrics are so sad ;____;. I really needed them to make this MV because I keep having trouble differentiating between Kikwang and Hyunseung D: I guess Hyunseung’s voice is even sexier raspier? Will have to work harder on voice recognition for Beast hehe.

But how good did the boys look? Especially Doojoon and Hyunseung! *____*. There was a lack of Dongwoon in this. Like, I actually thought he wasn’t going to be in the MV til I finally saw him xD.

The MV was really nice. It was simple, but effective. There was a really depressing mood all throughout and nothing too flashy — so just focus on the lyrics, okay?!!! (Apart from the chorus, my favourite part would be “She can’t drink a lot and she doesn’t like smoke. She hates being alone so always be with her“. Okay why would you ever let go of a girl you cared that much for/a guy who cared that much for you!? ;____;.)




    i’ve read the lyrics before the MV was released, it must be very sad to watch it WITH the lyrics. T_____T

    okay sorry for my pointless comment, i just agree with everything you said keke. and express my love for that song and the boys.

    • HI5!!!!

      Keke, I’m glad I spoke for the both of us in my comments :P♥

  2. my fav is actually Easy. i thought they were gonna promote that. but this song is good too.

    i actually think kigwang’s voice sounds more like yoseob’s. hyunseung’s really stands out. but i can pretty much pick out who sings what without seeing them sing in person. ehehhe *proud*

    cant wait to see them promote this live! beast is my bias now. what wit dbsk coming out as a trio… like what?! my mind’s a blank!

    • Yep, I agree. Especially in Oasis, Kikwang and Yoseob sound so alike, but I meant in this song, I kept thinking Kikwang was Hyunseung and wondered why Hyunseung was singing about half the song LOL. Ahh yeah, I haven’t seen that many live Beast performances but I know that definitely helps~

      Lol I don’t know what to think about DBSK news anymore. I’m still hopeful though. This lawsuit can’t go down just like this :|.

  3. Oh god I totally understand you ;__; The lyrics are so sad and the part you quoted is my favorite part too.

    This is my favorite Beast song, love it so much ♥ I just wish Dongwoon had more lines D:

    • *HI5*. I can put this song on repeat for hours~~

      And yeah, even if Dongwoon didn’t get that many lines, at least give him more screentime, right? :|

  4. I’ve been listening to this all day. <3 It's a really good song to follow up after Shock, which made me pay more attention to beast.

    After about a million times listening I can pretty much tell them apart. hyunseung's voice is a bit nasal and more intense, and kikwang has more of a cute little boy vibe. can't wait to hear this live!

    • Agree! What is it with Beast having such sad lyrics this time round? Haha. The first time I watched Shock, I didn’t think much of it .. then again, I watched it subbed and just fell in love with the song *_*.

      And yes! I agree with Hyunseung sounding more nasal-y and less boyish :).

  5. oh wow thanks i wouldn’t have watched the MV again if u didn’t mention the lyrics. i was a bit iffy at first with the MV cos’ seems like they recycled “SHOCK” set hah. but have to agree, it’s simple thus better concentration on the sub down there :D and have to say, they all acted out their lyrics pretty well!

    • I’m glad you did watch it again, then :).

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